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drs ? about stretching

Posted by Mary Y on 6/26/03 at 02:22 (122969)


I have been doing wall stretches 3x a day for eleven days. I have noticed no improvement in my symptoms. In fact, my arch on my left foot seems to hurt more. I have been told that I have achilles tendonitis. Should I continue stretching? I am still wearing heel lifts with gel in them.

Thanks for your help.

P.S. I am looking for a new doctor. I am very unsatisfied with the one I have.

Re: drs ? about stretching

Dr. Z on 6/27/03 at 11:48 (123069)

To stretch or not to stretch that is the question. If you injured the achilles and stretching is causing your pain then stop it immediately.
The range of motion at the ankle joint needs to be evaluated to see if you have a reduction in range of motion. If it is normal then stretching doesn't need to be done. Improper stretching can cause more pain and damage