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ESWT after PF release surgury

Posted by Holly B on 6/26/03 at 20:22 (123031)

My husband is considering ESWT as a last attempt to relieve is pain. He has had PF for years. His doctor has PF endoscopic release on both feet and also traditional release on his right foot. I have read some encouraging things about ESWT, but none on people who have had prior surgury(s). Could anyone tell me if it will help.

Re: ESWT after PF release surgury

dr j wilner on 6/26/03 at 20:38 (123032)

it is worth a try..i have used the ossatron machine in over 30 pts who had prior epf or open fasciotomy prior and have found about a 50-60% improvement...not as good as treatment for an area that never had an invasive procedure..but some relief is probable...just not to the level as noted hope this helps

Re: ESWT after PF release surgury

Dr. Z on 6/26/03 at 21:01 (123034)


I agree with Dr. Wilner. IF there is trigger point insertional plantar fascia pain without any nerve entrapement then ESWT is very helpful. Alot of times the fascia will be cut in EPF surgery distal to the insertion when the actual injured fascia is more proximal. This patient will do extremely well with ESWT

Re: ESWT after PF release surgury

john h-moderator on 6/27/03 at 08:51 (123054)

Dr. Gordon in Canada recommeded the Ossatron for a person had previous PF surgery. He uses both low and high energy equipment.