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Need some good opinions on treatment

Posted by Holly L. on 6/27/03 at 14:55 (123080)


I have posted here before and have apprecitated getting back good advice.I have had a x-ray taken of my left foot and it confirms I have a bone spur on the bottom of my heel. I injured my foot 1 year ago and have a feeling it started out with plantar fasciitis which causes the heel spur.Anyhow it is not getting any better. I am now experiencing pain in the inside of my ankle and up the back of my leg even when I am not on the foot. I have bought every heel cup, heel pad, arch inserts, etc. I have continually iced, massaged,elevated and I take 800mg of ibuprofen 3 times a day. I have heard from a friend that has had a cortizone shot that it hurt worse than having a baby, so that is out of the question, I won't even consider that. I am 38 and overweight but I have lost 42 pounds since Feb. on the weight watchers program, so I am trying to do what is suggested. I am without any medical insurance so I am limited with care as to go to a specialist. I am seeing my family doctor this Wed. to discuss what we can do. I am needing suggestions for treatment that a specialist would do. It is getting to be extremely frustrating living like this especially because I work on my feet for a living. I will be getting the summer off because I am a school employee (lunch lady) so I was wondering if it might be suggested to have a cast or walking boot on for a while or if that will even make a difference? What would you do in this case?


Holly L.

Re: Need some good opinions on treatment

Rick R on 6/27/03 at 16:26 (123082)

Have you tried tape? It was the breakthrough treatment for me after many years and several doctors and no relief. But then again that was back in the stone age.

Re: Need some good opinions on treatment

Dr. John Cozzareli on 6/28/03 at 05:57 (123103)

Hi Holly:

Have you tried a night splint? This is passive stretching which should help.

Dr. John Cozzarelli

Re: Need some good opinions on treatment

BrianG on 6/29/03 at 19:00 (123160)

Hi Holly,

Taking the summer off is a good start, but it may not be long enough. If you go back to work, too soon, you could end up with the same problem. I would think about a workman's comp. claim if you need more time off. Don't forget to tell your doc that your pain is work related. One other thing, about the cortisone. Yes it hurts, but your Pod should be putting some lidocaine into the solution as well. It will stop hurting within a minute! I think a shot, or two is a good idea. Just make sure you ask your doc about the anesthetic.

Good luck
BrianG. not a doc

Re: Need some good opinions on treatment

Elizabeth C. on 6/30/03 at 09:14 (123186)


For me, who received cortizone shots, three in each foot, it's not bad at all. The doctor uses a spray which is cold and reduces insertion pain. What pain that you may have is quick and you will mostly likely feel immeadiate relief. This is what I experienced. It is not a cure, just a band-aid for the pain. I just completed ESWT four weeks ago on my right foot and am hoping for the best. I understand you do not have insurance, but my Pod is willing to wave one of the treatment fees (minimum of three treatments with Sonocur - low frequency). They will also work with you on a payment plan, surgery is a last resort. Read everything you can on this web sight before making any decisions. It prevented me from going into surgery too hastely.

Hope for the best,



Re: Need some good opinions on treatment

Blanche M on 6/30/03 at 17:34 (123236)

My husband suffered with his bone spur for years, he had the coritizone shot and used the night splint, that has been about 4 years ago and he is still doing great.

Re: Need some good opinions on treatment

Elizabeth C. on 7/01/03 at 11:21 (123320)

The cortizone shots were only temporary for me because I never gave my feet a chance to heal. I went right back to high impact step aerobics, like an idiot thinking it would go away if I ignored the pain. I quit aerobics nine weeks ago and started spinning instead. I had to take a break for five of those weeks because I tore part of my right fascia coaching boys soccer. Thats when I decided to have ESWT, I had to stop the insanity! I am fortunate to live close to a ortho practise that offers ESWT. If that dosen't work, I have to consider surgery. Is your husband really active? I called my pod today and left a message inquiring about night splints. Thanks for your feedback, I am happy to hear positive rehabilitation news. For now I am still in a lot of pain.