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Severe Pain!!!!

Posted by rose on 6/28/03 at 12:44 (123119)

I am scheduled for surgery on both feet this coming Tuesday, July 1. I will have a neuroma removed on both bfeet and a 1/3 PF release on one foot. Because I was going to be off my feet for a while recovering, I have been going to a light senior aerobics class for the past three weeks. After doing three in a row earlier this week I felt a strange sensation on the outside of my shin than tingled, itched and turned into pain that evening. . Suddenly I had raging pain from the arch running along the outside of the shin, through the left and outside of the left quad and into the lift bottom. It aches and burns and I am unable to sleep with a dull ache and burning. I can just barely walk. Pains like ear ache sharp pains run through the arch and I cannot even sit on my bottom without severe pain and some numbness. I cannot take any medications since Iam having the foot surgery so soon. I did not go to the doctor since they would probably just give me anti infm=lammatories that I cannot take. I am too sore for the chiropractor to touch me.
I need your opinion as to if this sounds like a pulled muscle, tendon, ligament etc? My leg is much too sore to stretch. I thought that possibly since I will be off my feet for a while starting in just a few days thatit will heal from the rest.
Do I need to mention this to the surgon?
I welcome your comments. This is very very strange and painful. The most painful part when I sit here at the computer is that same area where it started on the outside of the shin closer to the ankle than the knee.
Thank yoou somuch for your time. Rose

Re: Severe Pain!!!!

BrianG on 6/29/03 at 21:12 (123164)

Hi Rose,

Surgery is risky enough by itself. I would certainly tell your surgeon, asap!!!!!!

Good luck

Re: Severe Pain!!!!

rose on 6/30/03 at 21:47 (123275)

Thanks. I went to my chiropractor and have been diagnosed with sciatica. It is more painful than my feet have ever been. He is going to treat me agressively. We think I was injured while attempting too many stretch exercise classes and over did it. I hope it is not chronic. I have surgery tomorrow morning. I will keep in touch as to how my feet are doing.