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Had surgery !!

Posted by Trish J on 6/28/03 at 13:11 (123120)

Just wanted to let all you guys that have talked to me that I had PF and TTS surgery on the 26th, I have a half cast on and no weight bearing for 2 weeks, I see my Dr on wednesday. Not doing to bad, some thumping and pain. Now what should I be ready for ???, I dont know if he is going to put me in a cast or what now. Dr found my nerve entraped and tangled. Anyone else had this?. Thanks so much

Re: Had surgery !!

Marty on 6/28/03 at 20:47 (123134)

I had the same surgery 4 months ago. I had an entrapped nerve from varicose veins and an entrapped heel nerve. How big are your incisions? Mine are huge!

Here's my incisions: http://www.xmission.com/~jbess/foot/marty%20foot.jpg


Re: Had surgery !!

Carol D on 6/29/03 at 10:26 (123146)

I had TTS (removal of a Schwanoma tumor) surgery on June 5. I had stitches removed and was given an 'air cast' 11 days later. I am able to put some weight on my foot now, but still use crutches. I don't use the 'air cast' much at home, after first week with it. I begin PT on Wed., but started some light massage and range of motion moves on my own. I have been more tired than I expected. I returned to job (seated) for about 4 hours each day, but do little at home. Thank heavens for a helpful husband. The pain has not been bad, but I am still taking 10 mg hydrocodone every 8 hours. I am interested in knowing what others are experiencing.

Re: Had surgery !!

BrianG on 6/30/03 at 19:14 (123251)

Hi Carol,

Just a reminder that you have been on the hydrocodone for almost a month now. I'm not sure, but you may have some physical discomfort if you stop taking the pain meds all at once (cold turkey). When your ready, why not ask your doctor to taper you down, which should be much easier on your system. It sounds like you have a good, compassionate doc!!

Good luck,

Re: Had surgery !!

Trish J on 7/01/03 at 10:42 (123317)

Marty, Nice scars, I cant see mine yet. The Doc has me in a half cast and all wrapped up, I go tomorrow for 1st post op visit. It has been 5 days today. Did they put you in a cast after stitches were removed?? How long did stitches stay in ???, I guess I dont know what to be ready for next. They found entrapped nerve during PF and TTS surgery. Did you also have both surgerys? sorry so long. Hope you are doing better.

Re: Had surgery !!

Trish J on 7/01/03 at 10:45 (123318)

Carol, sounds like you are doing o.k., I had PF and TTS surgery plus they had to move an entraped nerve on the 26th. I'm not allowed to put any weight on foot for 2weeks, I am in a half hard cast. I cant lower foot it turns blue and really thumps. Hope things get better for you fast.

Re: Had surgery !!

rose on 7/04/03 at 14:25 (123588)

I had my surgery on both feet three days ago. I had a neuroma on one foot and PF release on the other. The neuroma is much much more painful than the PF resease foot. It is in a boot and I have to seee what it looks like next Monday. I also am interested as to what happens next. I am in a wheel chair and in lots of pain. Do you ice a lot? Pleae keep in touch.

Re: Had surgery !!

john K on 7/05/03 at 07:57 (123611)

I was on hydrocodone (Vicodin) for a good while. I withdrew cold turkey at a VA hospital. Definite withdrawal symptoms if you go cold turkey. Also, the long term effects of narcotic use are depression and habituation. If you feel bad the narcotics will make you feel worse eventually. In some cases I know anything is better than severe pain. I am doing rehab for my shoulder surgery now. I have to take vicodin every day before PT. The effects of these drugs can be insidious. Be careful when you drive. Narcotics show up in blood tests and can be used as evidence of DUI. If you don't believe me ask your local highway patrol.

John K

Re: Had surgery !!

rose on 7/05/03 at 12:32 (123624)

I have vicodin, but I haven't used it, even when it hurts a lot. I do not like to take anything that could be habbit forming. I have been taking motrin or aspirin. They don't kill the pain much, but I can bear it at least so far. What do the rest of you think? Am I doing the right thing?

Re: Help,Brian,John? Out of oxy

Tammie on 7/05/03 at 12:49 (123626)

Hi, its me again the fortuante one that has luck of crap. I ran out of oxy on wed. My doc is out of town on vac. The call dr. gave me vicodon in place with percs alternating.Today is Sat. I called my mail Pharm. in flor it was sent fed ex or was to be sent that when procesed.That was Wed. I dont know if they work sat or sunday???? I have been off my oxy 40 mg 3 times a day since wed. I am not doing to well today it is getting a bit harder, I have been thru the shakes and the hot and cold and the runs now and wondering what next? I am thinking that this is not worth being on any more, Our mail order is awful and we cant aford drug store as it is so costly.
If I go to er our insurance will not pay it either saying it is not life or death. I have my surgery for the spinal stimulator on Monday at 10:30. I am going to be a basket case till then. I am wondering if you guys have some help pointers for me as I have did this before because of mail problems that is why I chose to use fed ex but they neglected to inform me that there is still 10 processing days once they get the script. I have about had it with all of this stuff I am ready to throw the towl in as this is to much. Please do you have any pointers?

Re: Help,Brian,John? Out of oxy

john K on 7/05/03 at 13:58 (123629)


As far as withdrawing from the oxy I think the symptoms last about 3-5 days. If you have not had any since Wed. then the worst is probably over except the return of the usual pain. These narcotics are good for acute pain but bad for chronic pain. I know, myself, that I can build up a tolerance real quick. That means more and more dope to get the same pain killing effect. I am not for or against narcotics. They have a place in dealing with pain. I just personally know what the long-term affects can be and how they can fool you.

John k

Re: Meds, And narcs are not what you think when u start

Tammie on 7/05/03 at 14:20 (123630)

Hi, Thank you and let me tell you I tried my darndest to not take that is why they say my RSD spread so quickly from a foot to a leg hip back and now worried about other leg hand ? I did not know what RSD is and still am learning about it. I will get my spinal stimulator on Monday surgery is set for 1030 am . What a weekend before tho. Dr. told me he was on vacation to be fresh and he would be ready to do his best on Mon. the call Dr. does not know me and he said he cannot give me the oxy. He was nice and told me he called in vicaden and then to alternate that and my percs but man is no way helping. I do have a transdermal patch that I had forgotton it is fentanyl (25mg) I am thinking of slapping that on but a bit unsure of the effects with the other stuff? Do you know anything about it? I think I very much would like to stay off this oxy it is not worth all of this trouble.

He had hoped we could get me off with the stimulator , but it all takes time and for me my time is running out. I am really getting tired of the fight. I have been in this for some time and about now I am really tired of this all. I want to Thank you for your advice!

Re: Meds, And narcs are not what you think when u start

BrianG on 7/05/03 at 23:05 (123646)

Tammie, did you tell the covering doctor what dose of Oxy you were on??? That is the most important thing in this equation. If you were taking 30mg, 3 times a day, which is a fairly normal dose, you wold have to take EIGHTEEN 5mg Vicoden a day, just to make up the difference!!!!!

If it was me, I would go to the emergency room, before I put on that patch. Bring all your pain pill bottles to the emergency room, so they can see the big difference. The on call doctor short changed you something bad. Ask to see an anesthesiologist if the on call doc will not help you, he is trained in pain control, and will know what dose you should be taking.

If worse comes to worse, and you can't stand the withdrawals, you might think about the patch. Just remember to make sure it is NOT stronger than what your taking. The patches last 2-3 days, so you had better have the dosage figured out pretty closely. There are many 'drug conversion' charts on the search engines, I use http://www.Google.com

So, go to the emergency room , and make sure you take your husband, or another relative with you. Have the name of your pain doc ready for them. If they balk, tell them you have the patch, but you don't want to use it, that you wanted to be treated properly. As a matter of fact, you probably signed a contract with your doctor. It said you will not abuse the meds, and on his side, it said he would keep you medicated. Tell this to the on-call doctor when you call him to tell him that you are vastly undermedicated with the Vicoden. So, this would be my plan.
#1 Call the on-call doctor now, or 1st thing in the moring.
#2 Hospital emergency room
#3 Patch, if you are postive it is not stronger than what you normally take.

And for god's sake, don't ever rely on the mail order places for your opiates, big mistake !!!!!

Good luck

PS The Oxy is not the problem, it's your delivery source thats the problem. You need the meds, don't let this make you change your mind, OK !

PPS: If you don't get this straightend out by tomorrow, I'd call your doctor on Monday and postpone the trial, and tell him why, because HIS on-call doctor would not medicate you properly.

Re: Had surgery !!

Sharon W on 7/06/03 at 15:20 (123662)


There is evidence that leaving your pain untreated, or vastly undertreated, could lead you to develop a chronic pain syndrome that wouldn't go away...


Re: Tammie, how are you?

BrianG on 7/06/03 at 21:27 (123683)

Hi Tammie,

Could you give us an update on Monday, or when ever you feel a little better.