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Taping for pronators

Posted by sandy h on 6/29/03 at 06:41 (123142)

A physio I just went to see after two years of suffering pain in my arch and tibialis posterior tendon showed me a good way of taping. Start about two inches above the little toe and and go under the arch horizontally (ie across the foot not along it) then wrap it round the front of the ankle ending just above the outside of the ankle. Do that with three strips so that they basically lift up the arch. If you think about it this will keep your plantar fascia in a curve and not allow it to straighten. I tried the taping method in the PF book but it didn't help my particular problem much. Best ask a physio to show you how to do this.

Re: Taping for pronators

Rick R on 6/30/03 at 07:47 (123177)


Your method is similar to mine and more than likely accomplishes much the same thing. I don't pronate much but it works wonders for my PF. I used to tape every day for several years just to walk. My method was developed out of need for both expedience and low cost.

I wrap my feet and ankles in paper towels to act as a gauze and then use duct (11 mil contractor grade) tape. I tape radially around the foot pulling tightly under the arch three times and finish with a wrap around the ankle. I'm careful not to go too tightly around the ankle. I wrap under the arch so tight as I near the heel, that I occasionally break the tape.

I demonstrated this goofy approach to a good friend with PF and he was fine within a few weeks. Now he may well be on of the lucky ones that would have been better anyway, who knows. It sure was a major factor in getting my life back, and essential now if I do anything the least bit athletic. I tried Scott's method and it didn't seem to work for me. I know it sounds crazy to use duct tape but it has a couple of key advantages, strength, and it sustains rigidity for a longer period than anything else I have tried.

Good Luck,


Re: Taping for pronators

Ed Davis, DPM on 6/30/03 at 16:50 (123230)

Sandy, Rick:

I think that the method shown on the site is somewhat of a 'simplified' method but not necessarily the best method. It does work for some.

The thing that makes 'athletic' tape have that term is its tearability (can be placed without scissors). Otherwise there is nothing special about it. Duct tape is great stuff -- I would be cautious taking it off if, especially if one has sensitive skin. Generally, pull the tape off from the toes to the heel -as skin is less likely to be torn that way.


Re: Taping for pronators

Sandra D on 7/01/03 at 12:03 (123326)

Sandy, do you think you could send a picture of this taping. The taping in the PF book also hurts the top of my foot.
Thanks Sandra D.

Re: Taping for pronators

Dorothy on 7/01/03 at 17:23 (123367)

There is a great book or booklet or electronic booklet opportunity here for someone knowledgeable and experienced because we need good, clear illustrations, photographs, text - the whole thing - explaining various designs and materials for taping for these foot problems. Since Scott R. so kindly did the first taping demo information here, maybe other ' tapers' could work with him on expanding the taping information.
I want to try taping but have delayed because I am fearful of the 'sensitive skin' factor and of making foot problems worse, not better.
I am a sponge for lots of information, research, diagrams, photos, etc etc etc - then I ever so carefully stick my toe in the water and if all goes well, then I am an enthusiast. So - someone should put together the taping book with all the taping information and diagrams ... yes??

Re: Taping for pronators

Patti S on 7/02/03 at 14:00 (123449)

I also do not want to tape due to sensitive skin. I bought an ankle brace made of elasti-prene [sp] as it goes around the arch also. That seems to support my arch and relieves pain. It has helped along with not tying my shoes tight. In some shoes, the 'U' shaped support [not sure the name but made by Dr Scholl] and the brace has made my foot about 80% better.