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Could it be going away??? or just my imagination??

Posted by Sam on 7/01/03 at 10:52 (123319)

Hello- have not posted lately, but I have a question. I have had PF since I would say Oct. thats when I really noticed but did not go to the Dr. untill April when it became a everyday problem. Last week I was on vacation in Vegas and wore my New Balance with only the left orthodic in, thats really the worst foot, and at night wore flat sandals but tapped my foot like on this website. boy talk about a huge difference!! For some reason since I have been back it does not seem to hurt as much even in the morning!!!, and I did a TON of walking in Vegas, especially at night in the sandals. But I have noticed that I am not in as much pain as I had been!! (good thing)!! Could it be getting better?? I wear my Birks during the day and have been on my feet alot since I have been back but it has been really great to be able to not complain and I know my husband thinks so!! HA! Also I am thinking about buying a foot massager? I have read some reports on here but what would be the best one to actually help it??? Thanks for listening - I am just so Happy that it feels better!!! I also want to start running but I am very scared to start and hurt it again!!! Who on here is a runner and how should I start back, I know it needs to be a slow process!!

Re: Could it be going away??? or just my imagination??

Aly R. on 7/01/03 at 12:16 (123332)

Hello Sam,

Congratulations on your improvement! I'm not a runner, but I wanted to let you know that my doctor recommends not even trying to return to previous activities like running, until a full month has gone by *completely* pain free. Good luck to you, I'm always excited to hear that someone's getting better. Please check back in a couple of months and let everyone know how things are going.

Re: Could it be going away??? or just my imagination??

Sam on 7/02/03 at 11:29 (123436)

Thanks!! I am not a runner either but I wanted to get into it, but too scared right now that the pain will come back more. My Dr. had told me not to even walk on the treadmill because even with a flat one it still has an incline. Also when I was on vacation a friend that was with us was telling me about the wall streches to strech the achilles? tendon? Are they related to the plantar Faciis?? Anyway I am going to keep positive - and hope that this feeling will last awhile!!! BYE!

Re: Could it be going away??? or just my imagination??

Carole C in NOLA on 7/02/03 at 11:47 (123437)

Sam, wall stretches very often seem to cause damage to people's feet if they have PF. Try gentle stretches, like Julie's Yoga stretches (click on the word Yoga for her post describing them).

Your doctor is right about the treadmill.

It's a good idea to read the heel pain book, which you can read for free on this website. It will tell you a lot about PF.

People with PF often have some Achilles tendonitis along with their PF, because these tissues are attached somehow and function together. Wall stretches can be harmful to those with much of a case of PF because they are not gentle and pull too hard on the injured tissues. But gentle stretching is important. A good rule of thumb, is don't do anything that hurts your PF. Let pain be your guide, until you are healed.

Carole C

Re: Could it be going away??? or just my imagination??

Sam on 7/02/03 at 12:44 (123442)

I printed out the Yoga streches. and I love this website!! I found it a few months ago and found out so much info!! I was begining to wonder if the pain was in my head untill I started reading about how many people have this! I did not know it did not matter what age could get it, and like I had said in eariler post I have worked retail for years and was Always on my feet but never noticed or had a problem untill I moved and did not have to work and by doing just housework I really noticed!! I am going to take it one day at a time not overdo anything and pay attention to it. The taping method on this website is SUPER!! It made a huge difference for me when I wear my sandals and walk!! I do not go barefoot anymore and wear my Birks around the house and out! I do not like to wear my orthodics (most of the time!) It is too hot for tennis shoes!! HA! Hopefully we will all be pain free someday!!

Re: Believe me, the pain is NOT in your head! (grin)

Carole C in NOLA on 7/02/03 at 16:36 (123462)

I never tried the taping but like you, most people who have tried it say it is wonderful!

It sounds like you are definitely on the right track. Good luck and I hope you have pain free feet before too many months! :)

CArole C