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Questions on cosmetic foot surgery. (bunion removal and toe shortening)

Posted by Kayla S. on 7/01/03 at 12:58 (123339)

Hello. My name is Kayla S. I am extremely devistated because of my irregular shapped feet. I have flat feet, which don't bother me as much as the bunions and elongated second toe. I can't wear open toed shoes, flip flops, or sandals out in public because of the fear of getting made fun of. Sometimes people make fun of my feet without even realizing that it completely hurts my feelings. It is the most embarrassing, humiliating feeling ever! I always taught myself to be proud of who I am and how i look, but it's painful to be a typical teenager who loves going swimming and to the beach when I am so scared of being the center of a joke. I am an athletic cheerleader, so i am afraid that foot surgery might affect my performance, and have me off of my feel for too long. I would like to have a quick, easy surgery on both feet at the same time, to avoid the long wait. But the cost of this surgery might cause my parents to reconsider. We are afraid that it will be far too expensive. Please tell me how much cosmetic foot surgery would cost.

Re: Questions on cosmetic foot surgery. (bunion removal and toe shortening)

Aly R. on 7/01/03 at 15:57 (123355)

Hi Kayla,

I don't know about surgery costs, but I do understand what you're feeling. I sometimes have to use a wheelchair to get around these days, and while I am self conscious about it, it isn't too bad. But if I'd gone through this as a teenager, I would have found it humiliating. You're in the most difficult period of your life, and I remember well how cruel some people can be at that age.

You should make an appointment to see your doctor, and get a referral to a podiatrist. If the bunions are causing you pain, medical insurance may cover the cost.

Good luck Kayla, and hang in there.

Re: Questions on cosmetic foot surgery. (bunion removal and toe shortening)

BrianG on 7/01/03 at 22:03 (123390)

Hi Kayla,

Just a reminder, there is no such thing as minor surgery!! Would you take the risk of hurting much more after the surgery, maybe for years, or life? There really is no need, as you'll soon be an adult, and the peer pressure won't be as much of an issue. You can't please everyone, the kids that would pick on you now, are really not your true friends anyways. I hope you can learn to live with what god gave you. There is a purpose for everything!

Good luck, and have fun. You'll have enough adult stuff to worry about soon enough.


Re: Questions on cosmetic foot surgery. (bunion removal and toe shortening)

Aly R. on 7/02/03 at 08:32 (123413)

Hi again Kayla,

Brian brought up a very valuable point - please do not take the idea of surgery lightly. Surgery does come with risks, and is probably not a good idea if your feet aren't causing you pain. You don't want to create problems where there aren't any.

As you get older, you become a lot less self-conscious, and most people are kinder. You also start to develop the idea that it really DOESN'T matter what people think. And you learn who you should spend time with and who you shouldn't. People who make mean comments about you or your appearance are people you should avoid...

Re: Questions on cosmetic foot surgery. (bunion removal and toe shortening)

Jean on 7/03/03 at 07:03 (123493)

Hi Kayla.

I agree that surgery should be considered very carefully, particularly if,as it seems to be your case it is only for cosmetic purposes.
Do your flat feet affect the way you walk ?

I also have had flat feet for all my life (I am 49), as well as knock-knees to match, so you see there is always worse!I have also been the butt of insensitive jokes only too frequently.I do not know why people think flat feet are funny, but it is a fact.I am now less self-conscious about them, although admitting that I wear orthotics, even to a shoe store assistant is still an emotional issue for me...

I think one just has to make the best out of it..

Good luck.


Re: Questions on cosmetic foot surgery. (bunion removal and toe shortening)

Suzanne D on 7/04/03 at 15:05 (123594)

Hi, Kayla! I just saw your post today and wanted to respond. I think Brian is exactly right in what he wrote to you. Surgery isn't minor, and you have to weigh carefully if the risks and time off involved is really worth it.

We've all been teenagers, and we know how you feel. I am very tall, and I used to be so self-conscious about it. I couldn't tell you how many times people would come up to me and say, 'How tall ARE you?'. It would make me want to go under the floor. And I would think to myself, 'Why do they do that? I wouldn't knowingly say something to hurt someone else.'

But, like Brian said, people who would make fun of you aren't your real friends. And most people aren't paying as much attention to the longer toe or your feet being flat as you think.

It sounds like you have many talents, abilities, and spunk, Kayla! B-) Make good use of all the positives about you, and try not to let things you don't like as well about yourself bother you. That's what I've always told my two daughters!

And, you know, you probably will grow up to be more caring sensitive of others because you've dealt with this.

Best wishes to you! @};-
Suzanne :)

Re: Questions on cosmetic foot surgery. (bunion removal and toe shortening)

john K on 7/05/03 at 20:09 (123643)

The truth is that people who opt for cosmetic surgery have been known to die from complications. I am recovering from rotator cuff surgery right now. Four weeks later I am still hurting and this was a fairly simple outpatient procedure. Forget about it! Brian is right because no surgery is minor especially if they have to knock you out to do it.

John King

Re: Questions on cosmetic foot surgery. (bunion removal and toe shortening)

Mar on 7/08/03 at 06:36 (123737)

Kayla -

I try to keep quiet about my situation because I am quite atypical, but since everyone has said it first, I must say i agree -- surgery is not minor. I had bunion surgery over 2 years ago and went from a very active person to someone who can barely walk and is in constant pain. Every surgery is a risk, however some surgery is necessary and the necessity outweighs the risks. So weigh carefully if the risk is worth it in your case. Mar

Re: Questions on cosmetic foot surgery. (bunion removal and toe shortening)

Sheila M. on 8/11/03 at 20:02 (126751)

Dear Kayla,

I can totally relate to what you are saying because I feel the same way about my feet. It didn't really start to bother me until I was 19, and one of my friends started making fun of me feet now I'm almost 22. I am totally self-conscious about my feet just like you. I have considered surgery, but I don't know if this type of surgery is availiable. Let me know if you find out any info.


Re: Questions on cosmetic foot surgery. (bunion removal and toe shortening)

IBox on 10/07/03 at 16:15 (132639)


I know how you feel because I too am very embarrassed by my feet and they are hard to cover when you are active and love swimming or wearing fashionable shoes. My feet are big and I have the same problems as you. I cry at night because I am so embarrassed by it, I wish god would of not given me boobs cause that can be done in every city around the world. Foot surgeons can correct bunions and some do toe shortening. Dr. Mogul in Manhattan, New York also does toe shortening for cosmetic reasons. I am trying to get it done now. Good Luck!