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heel (bottom of feet)

Posted by Jeretha H on 7/01/03 at 14:33 (123345)

What cause a person heel(bottom of feet)to start cracking and become
dry?What can be done to make them smooth again?

Re: heel (bottom of feet)

Aly R. on 7/01/03 at 15:34 (123352)

Hi Jeretha,

I haven't had that problem, but you might try looking at http://www.footsmart.com
under the Skin & Nail Care section - they have a number of products to address this.

Re: heel (bottom of feet)

Elizabeth C. on 7/01/03 at 22:18 (123392)


I am not a doctor but my feet can get really dry and crack. First of all, do they really itch or have a rash. You may have a fungus or contact dermatitis. If not, do you have Thyroid disease? People with Thyroid disease have unusually dry skin. I have Thyroid disease and my endrocronologist prescribed me a moisturizer to help me with my feet. It really helps. There are lots of products out there that can help you with callous, cracked feet. Use a pumice stone often to remove callouses, apply moisturizer at night and put socks on to hold the moisture. Try not to walk bare foot. Soak them in a foot bath using over the counter foot remedies(Dr. Scholls or Aveno). Get a pedicure at a reputable salon, you don't want to risk catching something else! This is what I do to help the situation, hope it helps.