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Heel spur question

Posted by Kylie H. on 7/01/03 at 15:54 (123354)

I have just been diagnosed with a heel spur and my podiatrist is making me inserts for my shoes. My Aunt stated she had a heel spur too. She told me in order to relieve the pain, to soak my foot in warm water 20 min. daily and eventually the heel spur will 'break off' but have the likelyhood of growing back. Is this true? Soaking it does seem to help. -Kylie :-/

Re: Heel spur question

Dr. Z on 7/01/03 at 16:17 (123359)


Soakinhg does make the foot feels better however your Aunt reasoning is anew one for this doctor. Continue to soak for comfort, but in order to make a proper diagnosis and get effective treatment it may be time to see the foot doctor