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Thanks for the help

Posted by Larry S on 7/01/03 at 18:23 (123376)

I want to thank Rick R, Linda, and Lauren M for sending me messages on their experience with plantar fasciitis.

I had been considering having surgery as my heel pain seemed to have hit a plateau and was not getting any better. The surgeon that I was referred to did not mention alternative treatments so I consulted this message board and found that there were a number of other things that could be tried and the consensis seemsed to be that surgery might cause more problems than it solved.

I decided to go to a podiatrist for advice. He agreed with the advice that I received here - surgery is the last resort. He also did not think the various splints were of any use. His advise was to take another cortisone shot in the heel, take it easy on the foot and give it time.

So that is what I did and am glad that I did. At about 9 months after the original pain, my foot is finally showing signs of curing itself. If I get some pain now, it goes away in a day or two rather than in a week or two like it was at first. I can walk fairly normally as long as I don't try to step out at a high rate - my dog no longer thinks that I have deserted her.

To summarize - all that I did was to wear a good athletic shoe with a thick layer of extra Dr Scholls inserts, take two cortisone shots about four months apart, walk kind of tippy-toed for a long time, and WAIT.

Larry S.

Re: Thanks for the help

Suzanne D on 7/04/03 at 08:01 (123553)

Larry, it was nice of you to come back to thank those who helped you! I am glad you are doing so much better.

Suzanne :)