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Mortons Neuroma

Posted by Karin H on 7/01/03 at 20:27 (123379)

Hi! I had a mortons neuroma removed from my right foot 6-years ago, and a Mortons neuroma removed from my left foot 8-months ago. Does anyone have any suggestions for a good running shoe? I have very narrow feet and hate when my running shoes slip in the heel area. I do wear orthotics but don't know if I need a more cushioned shoe. I appreciate any helpful hints! Thanks! Karin

Re: Mortons Neuroma

Kathy G on 7/02/03 at 08:42 (123416)

When I was diagnosed with a Morton's Neuroma, I found Asics to be the best running shoe for me. I, too, have narrow feet but I need a fairly deep toebox to accomodate my toes which turn up on the ends. I found that I had the best results with the ones that don't say DuoMax on the heel as they have to much motion control for me. A running shoe is definitely the way to go as it has more padding than a walking shoe.

It's very individual so it's going to be trial and error. My sister, who had a neuroma removed, finds that Nikes work best for her. My doctor says he has some patients who like New Balance.

If you can, try them around the house for a day or two and see how they feel. Then, if they don't work out, you can return them. My sister-in-law has gotten several running shoes from me over the years and while I love her, I didn't really want to subsidize her shoe collection!

Good luck!

Re: Mortons Neuroma

rose on 7/04/03 at 14:22 (123587)

I would like to know if you had much pain after the surgeries and how long it took you to recover. I had surgery to remove a neuroma three days ago and the pain is awful. I also had PF release on the aother foot at the same time , so I am in a wheel chair for a while. Thanks for yur time. Rose