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Tendonitis in both ankles due to Rhumatoid Arthritis? Cures?

Posted by Su B. on 7/01/03 at 21:31 (123387)

I've had RA abt 10 yrs. Mostly controllable with Enbrel, plaquenil, prednisone, Bextra, ultram(for pain). This year, bad tendonitis. At rehab they use sonar, massage and electrode treatments. Great improvement l leg, only fair in other leg. Walking over l city block hurts. 10 blocks and I swell up with great pain.
I've gotten overweight which must exacerbate symptoms?
Any suggestions? Hope for complete cure of tendons? What abt acupuncture?
Thanks so much, Su.

Re: Tendonitis in both ankles due to Rhumatoid Arthritis? Cures?

lara on 7/03/03 at 14:30 (123516)

Yikes. I don't know much about RA, the meds, or tendonitis (beyond that which I learn from playing tennis (pre-TTS days)

However, as for weight, you can get a good aerobic workout just doing upperbody stuff, which should help with the weight issue. I don't know how much you can move around. I have a Kathy Smith weight-training tape. The music and noise aren't that great, but I jsut turn the sound off after I've learned what I needed to know. HOwever, it's (in my just-a-consumer-no-particular-knowledge of weight-training) a real nice basic tape. I did show it to an athletic trainer and he thought it was a decent basic tape. One of hte nice things about it is it has 20 min of upper body, 20 min of lower body, and then some ab exercises. So you could just do the 'upper body' segment. There are some things that she does standing up, but cuz of my TTS I try to do anything I can sitting down - and I can do most of the exercises sitting down. However, I do move around - get the piano bench, lay on back for some of them, move around from side of bench to end of bench. NOt sure if it would be too much. I actually ahven't done it for several months now cuz I've been battling an unrelated shoulder neck problem, so my memory of it is hazy. I'm sure there are others besides the Kathy Smith tape too. There must be stuff out there cuz people with paraplegia participate in the Olympics and must be doing some exercises designed to get aerobic fitness..

Wish I had something better to offer.

Re: Tendonitis in both ankles due to Rhumatoid Arthritis? Cures?

Kathy G on 7/05/03 at 08:47 (123615)


I'm not a doctor but I started to gain weight last year due to PF in both feet and tendonitis and osteoarthritis in my wrists. Weight lifting caused the tendonitis in my wrists so weight that was out of the question. Any exercise that involved being on my feet was out of the question because of the PF. In desperation, I tried Weightwatchers online. I discovered that although my diet was not a bad one, there were areas in which I was making mistakes. For example, I would eat a bagel for breakfast and it turns out that high fiber cereal is a much better idea. Also, I discovered that I was putting up to 1/4 cup of milk into my coffee and I had two or three cups a day. I stayed with the online plan for a month and checked all my recipes to find out how many points they were and then was able to lose weight on my own. For the last fourteen months, my weight has been the same and I only stayed on the program for two months and during that time, I lost the ten pounds I wanted to lose. Now, I just use the knowledge I acquired during my month online to keep the weight off. That might be an option for you.

If you're interested in something you can do sitting down, I know that Richard Simmons also did a tape for people who were handicapped. I would think a local video store might be able to find it for you.

I have a friend with RA and she finds the water program at the local pool to be very beneficial. I can't take advantage of it because I am allergic to chlorine but perhaps in time, that's something you could look into. She has problems with her feet and she wears a water belt that keeps her afloat so she doesn't put any weight on her feet when she does the exercises.

Good luck. It's such a pain, literally and figuratively, isn't it? Bad enough to be in constant pain but then you have to worry about what you eat!

Good luck to you!

Re: Tendonitis in both ankles due to Rhumatoid Arthritis? Cures?

Dorothy on 7/06/03 at 01:40 (123649)

There is also a series of exercise videos that were done by an RN a few years ago (maybe still doing them) that were aired on some PBS stations. They are also for sale as individual tapes or as a set.They are for rehabilitation settings or other situations of 'special needs' due to physical problems. They are tailored to various physical problems such as arthritis, stroke, COPD, and many others. They were all under the 'Sit and Be Fit' heading as many or most were adapted to those who had to remain sitting or mostly sitting, etc. They were very well done and were based on good knowledge. I was interested in them at the time because of several people I cared about who were in some physical difficulties. This might be an exercise series that would be useful to you and to others on this message board. An excellent source for exercise is Collage Video (they only carry exercise videos) and they used to carry this series. You can order from them online or through a mail-order catalog. I will try to locate the URL and post it here, but a search under 'Collage Video' should lead you to the information as well as I can do it.