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Light Force Therapy / LED units

Posted by Aly R. on 7/02/03 at 08:16 (123409)

I accidently posted this to the Tarsal Tunnel section, so am reposting here...

I've ordered one of the LFT9000's and am hoping it will show up any day now (they are a little slow on the shipping). It isn't cheap - $249 - but they have a year-long money back guarantee. I confirmed with them that if you don't see results, you can return it within 1 year for a full refund. I figured I'll try anything, and if by chance it happens to cure me, then $249 is nothing!

It's not just for arthritis, but supposedly helps a whole host of inflammatory-type problems. I found that their website for animals was a little more detailed - probably because the treatment has been used on horses for a lot longer than on people. The web address is http://www.lightforceanimal.com . I found the animal testimonials interesting...

I'm going to try the unit on one foot (both are equally painful) so I can compare. I'll post back after a couple of weeks of use and let everyone know what I'm experiencing.

Re: Light Force Therapy / LED units

Dorothy on 7/02/03 at 16:05 (123453)

Very eager to hear all the reports of how well this is working for you 'scouts' who are out there pioneering and will send back your reports!
This device sounds very, very promising and I am so eager to hear what you all have to say about it as you use it for a while. Good luck - and thanks for sharing your information.

Re: Light Force Therapy / LED units

john h on 7/03/03 at 09:14 (123496)

I do not know if the LED (Light Emitting Diode) is similar to the infrared heating pad I purchased out of Canada but after 1 month I sent it back. It cost about the same as the LED device ($239.00) and was very effective at getting the heat deep into the tissue if not the bone. After a month I found no difference in my PF and I did not see keeping a $239 heating pad. Hope this LED device has some good results.

Re: Light Force Therapy / LED units

Aly R. on 7/03/03 at 13:12 (123511)

I don't think they're the same thing...you get a little heat with this unit but I would not categorize it as getting heat 'deep into the tissue' as you mention. I got mine yesterday, and of course starting using it immediately. I think the point of it is to stimulate the body's natural healing on a cellular level. We'll see what happens...

Re: Light Force Therapy / LED units

Dorothy on 7/03/03 at 18:21 (123530)

The information about the 'near infrared/infrared' ??LED?? devices in the medical resources shows that it is proving to be pretty amazing for healing wounds - such as diabetic wounds or 'bed sore' type wounds - that were previously not able to be healed. What I read about it was really intriguing. It is also proving to be effective for treating diabetic neuropathy which leads to those wounds so one can deduce from that that it should be effective for other body processes. I do find confusing all the various kinds of terminologies for light therapy or types of light. Obviously this cannot possibly be the kind of infrared light that one can get (in fact that I have gotten) at WalMart or similar places on handheld infrared + massage devices. I got one of those at WM for under $10.00 and it is useful as one more 'tool' for the sore feet but I know that it has no relationship to the kind of light therapy that heals wounds! So I am never quite sure how to refer to this kind of light or that kind of light and it makes a big difference. If it were just 'regular ole' infrared light, we could all just prop our sore feet up on the buffet line under the 'heat lamps' and hope for the best. - or wait for the manager to tell us to 'move those dogs now!'

Good luck, Aly R. I am one of the long line of people who cannot wait to hear what you think of your new device.