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Toe Nail fungus

Posted by john h on 7/02/03 at 08:29 (123412)

Some weeks ago someone posted a question about the treatment of toe nail fungus. I read an article today by a Doctor who noted that many of his patients had achieved good results from using Vicks Vapo Rub. He noted it may take some months..

Re: Toe Nail fungus

Dr. Z on 7/02/03 at 10:05 (123425)

It makes the nail very soft but I haven't seen a cure. There are two methods I use. Lamisil oral medication and Carmol 40% urea which can be used as a topical in mild to moderate cases. If its severe lamisil is the way to go

Re: Toe Nail fungus

john h on 7/03/03 at 09:26 (123497)

Dr. Z. I have been using the $4.00 container of Vicks for 3 days now and my nail looks better than it has in 20 years. I really do not expect it to cure the problem but for $4.00 anyone with a fungal toe nail should try this. I am still amazed at the change in the appearance. You should refomulate this by adding a little wheat grass and calling it Dr. Z' Magic Nail Restorer and become a legend. You could become the next Dr. Hewi Lewi.

Re: Toe Nail fungus

Suzanne D on 7/04/03 at 06:47 (123547)

I'm going to try it, John! Thanks for sharing. Anything that will help to some degree will be useful to me. I just cannot afford the Lamisil which is not covered by insurance. My family doctor said, 'You just have to decide if your toenail is worth $800, and know that it will come back.'

Suzanne :)

Re: Toe Nail fungus

Dr. Z on 7/04/03 at 09:32 (123564)

I like the idea

Re: Toe Nail fungus

Kay S on 7/05/03 at 13:47 (123628)

For toenail fungus--get a bottle of the cheapest distilled white vinegar at the store (the expensive stuff won't work) and an eye dropper. Put two drops of vinegar at the base of the toenail twice each day (I do this morning and night). It is my understanding that this fungus cannot survive in an acid atmosphere, and you are creating an acid condition in the new growth of your nail. You cannot miss one single application, or new nail growth will not be acidic and the fungus will 'jump' to the new gowth, and you'll have to start over. It will take 2 to 3 months before you can see the difference, but be diligent and patient, because THIS UNFAILINGLY WORKS if you follow the directions. It will take a long time for your nail to grow out. You are not killing the fungus, you are only preventing it from infecting the new nail growth, so all of the fungus infected nail must grow out before you are fungus free, but it will happen! I have been doing this since January 1, and my nail is about half grown out, and the new growth is pink and healthy!

Re: Toe Nail fungus

Necee on 7/08/03 at 02:00 (123733)

Thanks Kay.

Vinegar is great for lots of things, and it doesn't surprise me that it stops the growth of toenail fungus.