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Numbness in the calf

Posted by Kathy G on 7/02/03 at 08:34 (123414)

I did some weight-lifts with my legs the other day. I'm sure there's a technical name for what I did. We have a weight machine and you sit on the seat, fit your feet under the cushioned bars and lift. It's good for your knees and thighs. I've done these exercises on and off for the last several years since I gave up regular exercise as it's weight-lifting that's non-weight bearing and doesn't involve my hands.

Well, I hadn't done it in a while and when I finished, the inside of my ankle was numb. It didn't hurt; it was just numb. The next day, the numbness moved over to the front of my ankle, ie; the area where your leg bends when you flex your foot. Then my calf muscle that's in spasm all the time started to be numb. I made an appointment with my Pod for July 9th.

I started to wear my Birks, thinking maybe a change of footwear would help but although I found out that they still kill my arches, I did discover that my heels don't seem to hurt at the end of the day when I wear them. While that didn't affect the numbness at all, it is something to discuss with my Pod about some orthotics that might be a cross between my FootMax's and the Birks.

The area behind my ankle is now sore, not numb, but the pain and numbness in my calf continues. I took muscle relaxants on a regular basis for a couple of days but that didn't improve the numbness although it always helps the pain in my calf. Last night, I asked my husband to rub it for me and today it's even worse.

Have any of you experienced this symptom with PF? Does it sound more like TTS? I have some minor swelling in the ankle of the foot as well. From a logical point of view, it would seem that perhaps I restricted the tarsal tunnel a bit and that resulted in the symptoms I'm experiencing. I've tried heat but that doesn't seem to get rid of this annoying feeling. Any insight on this new, weird symptom?

There are those who wonder, since I am always numb, why this is a big deal but it is truly annoying and a bit worrisome! :D

Re: Numbness in the calf

lara on 7/03/03 at 14:38 (123517)

Doesn't sound like TTS to me, but I'm more of an expert on my symptoms, that TTS in general. I don't think symptoms move around like that with TTS. Also, I've heard symptoms of TTS described as burning, pins and needles, and other things - but it's never anything I heard described as a 'localized pain'. In fact, I think one of the classic symptoms of nerve pain is that it's precise location cannot be pointed to, but like I said, what do I know, they may just be how it happened in my case.

I don't think I've been much help, but maybe it will result in someone thinking of something else that will be more helpful.

Re: Numbness in the calf

marie on 7/03/03 at 21:20 (123540)


Yes it sounds similar to my experiences with TTS. I have had numbness in several places...it moved around. My calves got tight and my knees bothered me. I'd be here all day if I listed all the symptoms. I had so many problems with my caves, knees and thighs that I had to go through a battery of tests....the answer was maybe neuropathey, Fibro, and or mini strokes added to my condition. I remember some of your previous posts and it sounds similar to what I went through. Consider going to the doc and ask him about TTS. In the meantime don't use heat on the inside of your ankle instead ice them about 5 minutes several times a day. I use bags of frozen peas. You will get use to the numbness it's just so darned annoying. After 2 years I still have some numness around my ankles.


Re: Numbness in the calf

Kathy G on 7/04/03 at 08:19 (123555)

Thanks, Marie. I have been using the ice as the heat doesn't seem to help. It is the most annoying feeling! I like it better when it hurts!

One good thing that has come of this, however, is that I've discovered my custom Birks don't make my heels hurt. I've had them for a number of years but hardly ever wear them because they hurt so much. When I got them, my major problem was arch pain but I had little heel pain. Now my heels are bad and when I wear them, my arches still hurt a whole lot but my heels don't hurt. I'm opting for the sore arches for the near future. I like a little variety in life!

Happy 4th!:)>-

Re: Numbness in the calf

marie on 7/04/03 at 08:46 (123558)

Take care of yourself and have a great 4th of July!