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Walking boot was prescribed is this good?

Posted by Holly L. on 7/04/03 at 19:01 (123601)

I got my x-ray results and it did show a heel spur and bad inflammation (PF) this was from an injury 1 year ago. My doctor prescribed a walking boot, is this as good as a hard cast? The nurse put me in the walking boot size large, but my toes do not show like a hard cast would and it feels pretty loose even when I adjust the straps tighter. My foot still slips around in it, is that supposed to feel that way? Should the foot be in the boot a certain way? Will this help? He said we will try this for 6 weeks. Then what should we do if it is'nt any better? I am not seeing a specialist only my family doctor because lack of insurance so I have been hoping for advice from the doctors here.


Holly L.

Re: Walking boot was prescribed is this good?

Dr. Z on 7/05/03 at 10:43 (123623)

May save money buy going to a foot specialist now . Improper or effective
treatment can only cause pain and long term disablity, and more costs. If you are have pain in the boot it isn't the proper fit