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A book claiming a cure for plantar fasciitis.

Posted by Paul B. on 7/05/03 at 10:22 (123618)

Hi everyone,

I'm curious if anyone has tried the book, 'A New Foot Health Solution', by Dennis Denlinger. I've just ordered it. I'm surprised it got no hits when I searched the healspurs message board. Haealsurs.com is such a clearing house of information on plantar fasciitis and this author claims to be have a cure. Here is the web site: http://www.footarch.com/Home/index.html .

I've have plantar fasciitis for a year and a half. Three weeks ago I had ESWT on both feet at Mass General Hospital with Dr Theodore. The Dr says it may be between 2 and 6 months before I feel any benefit. I don't think I have PF as badly as some, where I've minimized my activities and I still lead a pretty good life, but I'd be much more active if it weren't for PF. I'd still be jogging. I'm mildly optimistic the ESWT will be beneficial, but I'm a fool for optimism.

I'm wondered what the ultimate cure for TF is. ESWT doesn't actual reduce the swelling or inflammation of the fascia. It causes healing right where the fascia connects to the heal bone, and so eliminates pain. But the fascia stays inflamed.

The above web site doesn't give away the exercises described in the book. But in a testimonial section on the site, one person mentioned an exercise involving putting weight on the ball of the feet. And so I've just spent some time this morning walking around with my feet twisted a little so all my weight is on the ball of my feet. I liked the affect! BTW, I'm 54, tall and slender. I have high arches and virtually no callouses on the balls of feet. I've always wondered, why no callouses! Is this normal? Maybe more weight should be on the balls of my feet but due to the way I'm structured, it just doesn't happen. So now I'm optimistic about this New Foot Health Solution book... but I'm a fool for optimism.


Re: A book claiming a cure for plantar fasciitis.

Dr. Z on 7/05/03 at 10:29 (123619)


Will check out this new site. ESWT does heal the damage fascia which may or may not be inflamed. Once it is healed if there is inflamation it should go away just like any other part of the body that has injury and then heals

Re: A book claiming a cure for plantar fasciitis.

Paul B. on 7/05/03 at 16:21 (123631)

Dr Z,

Both doctors; my orthopedic surgeon (foot and ankle specialist) that did my ESWT, and my podiatrist (whom also does the ESWT procedure), told me information that disagrees with what you've said.

Plantar fasciitis is the inflammation of the plantar fascia that runs from the base of the toes to the heal bone. It's typically 3 to 4 mm in width. Inflammation can cause it to swell to three or four times that width. That's a big increase! The swelling of the fascia shortens the length, which can cause additional tension and damage where it fastens to the heal. If it occurs, the damage at the heal results in pain. Both my doctors said the ESWT procedure focuses just at the point, at the heal. It stimulates blood circulation and healing and strengthens the connection in that area, and thereby reduces the pain. But the doctors said follow up studies on the ESWT found no reduction in inflammation for the length of the plantar fascia, (toes to heal). The plantar fascia inflammation remains the same.

For a span of about 6 years before I had heal pain, I was aware that I had very tender arches. From day to day it wasn't a problem. But if I applied pressure to the arch with the palm of my hand it would result in undue pain, which I believe was caused by plantar fasciitis (inflamed fascia). Then 1 1/2 half years ago, after 6 years of the above condition, additional damage occurred to the connection at the heal, resulting in the pain I've had ever since. I'm hoping the ESWT treatment I've had will reduce my heal pain (fool for optimism). But I'm not hopeful it will reduce inflammation for the full length of the fascia. So I'm still looking the root cause and a cure. I want to be cured, 100 percent. Hoping this new book has the answer. I'd love to run again.

By the way, I've ordered the book, http://www.footarch.com/Home/index.html , 'A New Foot Health Solution'. I ordered it by mail so I'm waiting for the postman to bring it. But for a fee you can download it on-line, and get it right away. I'm interested in what others think.

Thanks for listening, Paul

Re: A book claiming a cure for plantar fasciitis.

Dr. Z on 7/05/03 at 17:29 (123633)

Your doctors are correct ESWT is used at the insertional of the plantar fascia. It has no effect on the rest of the fascia unless it is from compensation. You need to with other types of treatmnet for the rest of the fascia with other types of therapy.
There are changes at the INSERTION of the plantar fascia with regard to inflamation post ESWT
So yes they are corect that ESWT usually won't have any effect with the arch and distal areas of the plantar fascia.
I will point out one point swelling does effect the length of the plantar fasacia and it is impossible to stretch it out unless you cut it with surgery.

Re: A book claiming a cure for plantar fasciitis.

Dr. Z on 7/05/03 at 17:34 (123634)

What I am saying in the above post is that you have to treat the arch and distal areas of plantar fascia that have pain and or inflamation with other treatments besides ESWT
You will find excellent description in the search engines on how ESWT works. You can also go to the site wwww.ismst.com and read all about how ESWT works

Re: A book claiming a cure for plantar fasciitis.

monte on 7/05/03 at 23:22 (123647)

I had purchased this book a while again and it is of no benefit in healing.

It claims to give people with flat feet an arch with exercises....i think that is impossible. Be careful not to hurt your feet further.

That is my opinion.

Re: A book claiming a cure for plantar fasciitis.

HilaryG on 7/06/03 at 14:13 (123659)

I'm sorry to say that I too purchased this book awhile age. And I found it useless. Sorry

Re: WARNING: A book claiming a cure for plantar fasciitis.

Dan on 7/06/03 at 14:39 (123660)

I did a quick search, and discovered this Denlinger guy is a Scientologist and there is some evidence of other dicey 'medical marketing' quackery in his background, including peddling nutrition 'cures,' etc. I would NOT pay any attention to him.

Re: A book claiming a cure for plantar fasciitis.

BrianG on 7/07/03 at 21:25 (123726)

Hi Paul,

I wouldn't do too much walking on the balls of your feet, unil you check this exercise out throughly. You could damage you feet even more than they are right now.

I live in Ma, and am interested if your insurance paid for your ESWT treatment? If not, do you mind me asking how much MGH charged you? Did Dr. Theodore happen to mention how many ESWT treatments he has performed? Thanks in advance.

Good luck,

PS: You are fortunate to have ESWT after only 1.5 years of PF. You have a good chance to heal !!!!

Re: A book claiming a cure for plantar fasciitis.

Ed Davis, DPM on 7/10/03 at 18:07 (123999)


See my posts on the treatment triad for PF. It involves treatment of inflammation, biomechanics and tissue quality. The three 'legs' of the problem are not necessarily equal though. It takes chronic infalmmation to thicken the fascia and reduct its tissue quality but once that has happened, ESWT is really the only direct modality to deal with that leg.

Re: A book claiming a cure for plantar fasciitis.

Dorothy on 7/10/03 at 18:53 (124004)

I have just read your post to Dr. Z. regarding your desire to find cause and 100% cure for your PF and heel pain. I have that same curiosity but realize that it's a complex problem. I hope you will continue to write here about what your aims to find cause and cure lead you to and that you will share what you learn. I like the deductive reasoning and logic implied in your statement but know that doesn't always apply to the mysterious human condition.

Re: A book claiming a cure for plantar fasciitis.

BGCPed on 7/14/03 at 11:42 (124386)

If you have a true high arch cavus foot what shoes and orthotics, if any have you used. In most case the cavus foot is also equinus it that the heel is more comfortable being elevated some i.e. running shoes. Not motion control shoes for pronators but something like New Balance 879.

You dont want to walk around ont the balls though since that takes stress off areas but ads more to others like calf region. If you could post a pic of your feet front back and side standing barefoot on a hard floor may be able to offer some insight

Re: A book claiming a cure for plantar fasciitis.

Randall on 7/17/03 at 19:16 (124674)

I have PF on both feet, more severe on my right foot than the left. My right foot tends to swing out to the right when walking and running, but it centers up during foot strike, but the landing(bottom right of heel seems to land first and then rest of foot ligns up). The Podiatrists diagnosed my right foot as posterior tibular tendinitus in the right leg. I am a runner and have recently started trying what Dennis Denlinger wrote on his online article using both feet(for about 3 days). Instead of walking on my balls of my feet I put pressure on my big toe pushing down. One of his articles online shows you how to use the peroneus longus to take up more of the weight than the little toe side and the heel. When I do it while sitting thats when it takes more concentration and I can actually see the arch raise and the distance between the big toe and the heel will shrink, while keeping the foot as flat as I can weight being felt also behind little toe and on heel. It seems to work I don't have a lot of pain in my arch while walking as I used to have, but If I don't use the technique it will hurt. It seems to support it better. Now, I don't have heel spurs but have some pain in the heel. I have had PF for about a year and laid off running for about 6-7 months, and most excersises, driving hurts alot. Does anybody hurt while driving(manual shift)? I have also been to a chiropractor that practices ART which stands for Active Release Technique(breaks up scar tissue on ligaments etc. I first read about it on the IronmanLive website a triathlon website. I have been going for about once a week for 3 weeks and not sure if it is helping. In the morning I (try) to heat it up stretch it with a towel, I use the Theraband to do strenthening exercises and then Ice afterwords. I am not getting good results maybe because I am unable to give it good rest, but I was hoping that what Dennis Denlinger wrote would help. I am desperate in trying to get my feet back to normal. I was told by the podiatrist(who is an avid marathon runner and a darn good one) to use spenco orthotics the hard moldable ones but they gave me a lot of problems especially in the arch area. I took those out and found releif for about a week and then the pain resumed its original course. What I don't understand is my left foot which I didn't have much trouble with in the first place hurts more now and I don't even run anymore. I ware motion control shoes by Brooks they are about 4 months old. I am wondering if tight muscles in the leg are a problem, I also (used) to do karte pre-PF and a some while PF tight muscles do to stretching legs and kicking and not keeping a good stretch program might have contributed to the cause. Sorry for the long post hope this will generate more posts and keep the ball rolling. Pun intended. Bye!

Re: A book claiming a cure for plantar fasciitis.

emily on 9/08/03 at 17:18 (129184)

I have a brecitis in my foot and its been hurting for the pst month and a half and to tell you the truth i feel like it will never heel. I went to the doctor about a month ago and he said that i had a case of brecitis and recommended physicl therapy. i went to physical therap and was given a sheet of excersises ad one was a stretch that helpd Plantar Fascitis it is standing with the ball of foot on stair reach for bottom step with heel until a stretch is felt throught the arch of the foot. Hope this will help!!!