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after 4 doctors and 4 treatments will this help?

Posted by Lynne C. on 7/06/03 at 03:30 (123651)

18 months ago had an injection in left foot, one month later- rupture. My family doc refered me to the Ortho.
Casted for 6 weeks, thearpy for 3 weeks, back to work. 10 hour shifts on concrete,no sitting down except at lunch for 40 minutes. No relief at all Doc said come back when you can't stand the pain I'll recast it for a while.

The next Doc, a Pod. taped, 500mg aleve twice daily, ice, orthodics. This has helped but I started bruising very bad from taking the aleve. I stoped taking them on a regular basis but the heel pain has increased greatly. Now to both left and right. This seems to be a common problem at my place of employment.

Started having some back trouble and visited the Chiropractor, he laughed at all my treatments, remove the orthodics, when you are adjusted correctly the pain will go away, I must give him credit, I did wake one morning to no pain, but the next day it returned.

Now I have pain in both heels, morning pain is so bad I almost crawl, I am learning to strech before rising and an ace bandadge keeping my foot at an angle helps. At this point even sitting here at the computer will cause serious pain when I rise.
Now I have found you site I will find a doc locally that is knowledgeable in shock thearpy treatment. Hopefully this will be the treatment for me.

Re: after 4 doctors and 4 treatments will this help?

Ed Davis, DPM on 7/06/03 at 12:22 (123655)


Please take the time to read Scott's Heel Pain Book. The important thing to understand is that no one treatment is a 'magic bullet' and that proper treatment involves a comprehensive approach taking into account all contributory factors to the problems: biomechanics, tissue quality and inflammation.

Re: after 4 doctors and 4 treatments will this help?

john h on 7/06/03 at 19:03 (123674)

I would tend to stick with a Podiatrist or Foot and Ankle Surgeon for my advice on plantar fasciatits problems. That is what they specialize in and trained for.

Re: after 4 doctors and 4 treatments will this help?

BrianG on 7/07/03 at 21:07 (123725)

Hi Lynne,

I too had a job where I walked on concrete, 8 to 12 hours a day. I tried all the conventional treatments, including taking 4 months off from work. My big regret was not taking the time off, years earlier. I had tried to walk through the pain, just like you, and many others. By the time I went on STD, it was too late.

I hope that your doctors records show that your PF was caused from the concrete floors at work, it will be much easier to take the time off, and you should be able to collect while your out. No matter what the treatment, you will have to rest your feet. If you rush back to work, chances are the procedure will be a failure.

Don't forget to document everything, from doctors appointments, to how the pain has effected your life. It will help if you ever reach the day that you cannot work anymore. It happened to me, I now collect SSD. So, get your treatments, but don't forget that rest is probably one of the most important things to do after it's done. Everyone is different. You could be out for 1-2 weeks, or it could be 3 - 6 months.

Good luck

Re: after 4 doctors and 4 treatments will this help?

Lynne C. on 7/08/03 at 05:36 (123734)

Dr. Ed, thank you for the advice, most of the treatments in Scotts book are a daily routine. I was unaware of the night splints I think those would help. I have located two Drs. in my area who perform the treatments.I have spoken with the Doc at work he knows of 3 people returning to work after treatment. They are all at, at least 90% inproved.
Brian, Thank you for your support. As far as PF being job related, no I have been informed that 'feet are not covered by workers compensation because it is so hard to prove. After all you use your feet everywhere'. I think I will be out on STD after my appt. today. I really don't think I could last another shift.
Thanks again,
Lynne C.

Re: after 4 doctors and 4 treatments will this help?

BrianG on 7/08/03 at 16:27 (123769)

Your lucky that you have STD at your job. It's easier than dealing with Worker's Comp. I asked my lawyer if my case could be considered for Worker's Comp, as I had no STD, or Long term insurance. He said that in my state (Ma) PF is not considered a work injury, unless you report it as such, the very first time you seek treatment. Not many of us will do this, as we have no idea how disabeling PF can eventually become.

Good luck on resting your foot, and try not to let them railroad you into going back to work to soon, if you are not healed. It may take months to heal completely. Fight for your rights if you have to !!!!!

Good luck