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Plantar fasciitis and solo canoe

Posted by Scott K on 7/08/03 at 08:38 (123743)

I just got a brand new 10.5' 17lb canoe so I can hike in a couple of miles and go for a paddle in a remote lake or pond. The day after I took the canoe out for a test paddle I had a great deal of foot pain and could feel a rope like structure from my heel to the ball of my foot under the skin in the arch area. I thought it was due to lack of support from going barefoot. I took my new canoe out last night and this morning the pain was back. I gave my self a good foot massage and I'm wearing shoes to support my feet. The 'rope' didn't show up but I still have heel pain on the outside of my feet. I sit directly on the bottom of this canoe, just like a kayak, with my feet directly out in front of me and splayed out at a 45 degree angle. The heel pain in right where my heel contacts the boat. I've noticed this pain a little bit with my kayak but my feet are more vertical with the kayak and there is little to no painfull after effects.

Has this happened to anyone else? Is there anything I can do? I love the canoe but I don't want to end up walking a couple of miles back to my car with this pain and mess up my feet.

Re: Plantar fasciitis and solo canoe

marie on 7/08/03 at 20:53 (123797)

Do you have nerve damage in your hip or back? I have problems when I sit in a certain position for too long. I have a nerve entrapment where the ball of the femur fits into the hip bone. I have pain when I bare weight after sitting in a cramped space...like a car. I don't know if it has anything to do with your feet but maybe there is a problem higher up that is aggrevated when you sit in the same position for a while. Good luck! I love canoing....I haven't been in a while but it's on my list.