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I am in!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Pam W on 7/08/03 at 18:31 (123781)

Just wanted to let you know that I received my letter today about a new program starting next month at my local community college for Radiography---X-Ray tech-----and I AM IN!!!!:D :D :D

They are only 20 spaces and about 300 to 400 applicants and this will be their first year teaching this program.

Wish me luck and gotta study for my anatomy and phsyiology test tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!

Re: I am in!!!!!!!!!!

Suzanne D on 7/08/03 at 19:06 (123785)

Congratulations, Pam!!! =D> =D> =D> I wish you all the best in this program! That's wonderful that you were chosen.

Good luck!
Suzanne :)

Re: I am in!!!!!!!!!!

Necee on 7/08/03 at 20:26 (123791)

All the best to you Pam! I really admire someone who studies hard and sets goals.
Sounds like you've really taken charge of your life.

Happy trails.....


Re: I am in!!!!!!!!!!

marie on 7/08/03 at 20:38 (123794)


I am so excited for you and I am sure that they are the lucky ones. Now quit reading the message board and crack a book. LOL!!!!!


Best wishes marie

Re: I am in!!!!!!!!!!

Pam W on 7/08/03 at 22:57 (123809)

Thanks guys!!!

Taking a small break from studying!!!

I only have 2 years to go after I start next month!!! I will be 38 when I finish~~~~ugh. Better late than never!!!

Hubby says when I finish--he is quiting to become a professional bum!!! I have been working, going to school(taking the 'bull crap' courses) and have 2 kids--I may want a break when finished!!

Re: I am in!!!!!!!!!!

BevN. on 7/09/03 at 08:42 (123826)


What do you want to be when you grow up ? Isn't that what we ask all the kids when they go away to college :))

Re: I am in!!!!!!!!!!

BevN. on 7/09/03 at 08:48 (123827)

Great going Pam , I surely give you a lot of credit to go back to school with 2 little ones to care for . Best of all in your studies :))

Re: I am in!!!!!!!!!!

Kathy G on 7/09/03 at 18:14 (123895)

Congratulations, Pam! I wish that I had gone back to college when my youngest went to high school. You'll only be 38 when you finish! That's young! Good for you! You should be proud of yourself!