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Mortons Neuroma

Posted by Joni T on 7/09/03 at 10:39 (123850)

I have been diagnosed with mortons neuroma over a year ago. I have received two cortizone shots within this last year. My condition is very slowly improving however I still have numbness and tingling. A week ago I developed a redness under the skin in a direct line from the nerve cluster to my middle toe. It seems to have gotten slightly worse, and I haven't done anything to aggrevate it. Could this be some sort of reaction to the cortizone shot I received in April?

Re: Mortons Neuroma

Ed Davis, DPM on 7/09/03 at 14:49 (123874)


Please ask your doctor to check on the red area as it could represent infection.

I am all in favor of treating things conservatively but surgical removal of Morton's neuroma, by a well trained individual, is often less traumatic, more definitive and less painful than getting multiple shots.