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cortizone injections

Posted by billy b on 7/09/03 at 12:33 (123857)

i was wondering what are the side effects to this steroid drug. i have been experiencing arthritis type pain in all my bending joints and was wondering if this drug has a long term effect for arthritis

Re: cortizone injections

Kathy G on 7/09/03 at 17:59 (123892)


Cortisone injections, when given properly and judiciously, work wonders for inflammation. I have a friend who has rather advanced rheumatoid arthrtitis. She was sure she was going to need to have surgery but her Rheumatologist said he was going to give her a cortisone injection instead. (This is in her ankle.) She and I went to a museum the next day and she couldn't believe the lack of pain. Several weeks later, she was still reporting great relief.

Your rheumatologist would be the person to tell you if you are a candidate for such a shot. I know when I had the neuroma in my foot, I had cortisone shots every four months and they helped me a great deal.

Good luck! I've recently developed osteoarthritis in my CMC joint (base of my thumb) and it's not a whole lot of fun!

Re: cortizone injections

billy b on 7/10/03 at 00:24 (123930)

i thank you for your respond but i dont think i understand the answer. i had several injections in my neck due to an injury i sustain to my neck which have 3 disc out of place about 3mm. i took the shots hopeing that they would help but it only made matters worst.my question is is arthritis a side effect to the cortizone injection ty i appreciate your advice