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Been free of PF pain since last Nov

Posted by Kelly C on 7/10/03 at 13:45 (123951)

I used to post here occasionally, and stopped by to look for some ibuprofen gel. I thought I'd pass on my story of success at getting over PF.

It was my fourth case of PF since I was 23, and I'm now 41. This last time I had it for nearly a year and a half. I was almost over it after 6 months, but stopped using the night splint. I found the key to using the night splint was to keep it fairly loose, so that I wouldn't tear it off in the middle of the night. As a physical therapist told me, it doesn't need to stretch the calf muscles, it just needs to keep the foot from extending and the toes curling. If you sleep like that, your plantar fascia will heal in a shortened position, and immediately tear again when you step on it in the morning.

So what worked for me, in order of most effective to least effective:

Night splint
Alzner orthotics (available from phase4orthotics.com too)
Deep neuromuscular massage
regularly icing my foot in several inches of ice water, 10 minutes at a time
Occasional jacuzzi treatment

Stretching seemed to only make things worse. Anyway, I started back running last November, and ran all winter with the local hash house harriers running group. I recently got a case of achilles tendonitis, so I'm not running much, but I think I can get over that fairly quickly with ice and topical ibuprofen.

Good luck!

Kelly in Madison WI

Re: Been free of PF pain since last Nov

Aly on 7/10/03 at 16:36 (123965)

Thanks for stopping by Kelly, and letting us know of your progress. Hope the 4th bout of PF was your last!