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Surgery and Pain

Posted by Zane U on 7/10/03 at 16:11 (123960)

I hear a lot of concern on this board about being in more pain after a failed surgery. Just want to say that I had surgery with no improvement but also no negative side effects. This was done in March 2000 by Dr Robert Anderson at the Miller CLinic in Charlotte, NC. He did a 1/3 plantar tendon release and a tarsal tunnel release. My pain is exactly the same.

P.S. Maybe he just sliced me with the scalpal, stitched me up and collected his money :- )

Zane Ullman
PF 13 years, will ESWT preclude 14?

Re: Surgery and Pain

Ed Davis, DPM on 7/10/03 at 17:08 (123976)

Do you mean a 1/3 plantar fascial release? I can understand why some try partial releases butI feel that 1/3 is usually not enough.

How was tarsal tunnel syndrome confirmed in your case? Did you have a nerve conduction velocity test? What symptoms consistent with tarsal tunnel syndrome do you have?

Re: Surgery and Pain

rose on 7/10/03 at 17:46 (123993)

I just had a 1/3 release surgery one week ago. Please tell me more. Thank you. Rose

Re: Surgery and Pain

Ed Davis, DPM on 7/10/03 at 19:13 (124005)


It cerainly could work as different patients have different requirements although I feel that a 1/3 release is not enough for the majority of patients.

Re: Surgery and Pain

BrianJ on 7/11/03 at 21:57 (124174)

Zane --

Please give us a short history of how you got PF, what your symptoms are, and what treatments have worked best for you. I'm always curious about the long-term PF sufferers.


Re: Surgery and Pain

daniel m on 7/23/03 at 01:37 (125013)

I had SLP surgery on my 1st and 2nd index on my foot. The surgery was in January and my big toe still hurts and its hard for me to keep my balance.What should I do.

Re: Surgery and Pain

Randy M on 8/13/03 at 20:24 (126888)

I had PF surgery 2 weeks ago and i would never have it done again. I am in more paid and discomfort now than before the surgery. My doctor(quack) gave me 30 Lortab5 and said that was it.I bet if he had the same surgery he would be given more pain medication than that.If you are thinking of having this surgery just find a good doctor that will also take care of you after the surgery.I have suffered a great deal and just wanted to let anybody that is considering this surgery now this. Thanks!

Re: Surgery and Pain

mj on 5/01/07 at 18:01 (228957)