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Aly...a note for your boss

Posted by Scott R on 7/10/03 at 22:41 (124032)

Aly, i noticed an old post of yours. You might try quoting a section of my online booklet that i wrote several years ago so that they know you are 'not alone' in having a hard time with heel pain. Here's the quote:
(and even if it is in your head like your boss claims, you can still get disability for it and he still has to follow all the laws that are required for physical conditions ... even if it's mental)

Not being able to walk as much as you would like can cause a great deal of psychological pain. This is often compounded by a lack of understanding by family, friends, physicians, and/or co-workers who need or require you to walk. Sufferers are often subject to comments such as 'I've never seen a case like this before' 'It's just in your head','You just need to walk more' and my all-time favorite: 'If we cut your feet off, it wouldn't hurt anymore and you could walk on the nubs. Here, I've got a knife.' Heel pain seems much more likely to be the target of these attitudes than other ailments. Possible reasons for the unusually unkind attitudes toward sufferers with chronic heel pain include (1) the feet get less respect, (2) the invisible nature of the injury, (3) the seemingly never-ending recovery period, (4) not having a specific event to single-out as the cause, and (5) staying off the feet being associated with laziness. Visitors to this site are often grateful to be able to interact with others who have experienced these psychological/social issues. The condition makes many people feel like they are alone.

Re: Aly...a note for your boss

michael j on 7/10/03 at 23:14 (124033)

thank you very much fdor letting me thank you ivehad towork very hard on thisjob just to keep it.after working on this job 20 years kiking 2 200pound argon and other cylinders around all day its nice of you to just let me find out a little about my problem no one else will listen thankyouvery much.michael j

Re: Aly...a note for your boss

Aly on 7/11/03 at 08:43 (124072)

Thanks Scott - I'm printing that up for myself. I'm sure you've heard it a million times, but Thank God for this message board! It's shown me that I'm not alone, I'm not 'weak' or unhealthy or any other label someone might give me, and as a result I've been much more able to do the things that I need to do to make myself better, regardless of what others might think about it...