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Orthotics areworking for me

Posted by Bob R on 7/11/03 at 06:06 (124049)

I've been following this board for some time since
developing PF. It has been a invaluable source of information.
I had some relief with the night splint,stretches, taping, and SuperFeet
but they didn't seem to resolve PF. My POD seemed to want to follow the cortizone route which I tried twice but discontinued because the
symptoms would only reappear a few weeks later.

Initially I was reluctant to go the orthotics route after reading
so many complaints here on the board. My POD and a chiropractor said they could cast me and have the orthotics made out of town. But after reading many individual experiences here, I felt thet I would have better results
being face to face with the person doing the casting and making the orthotic. There are no CPeds in my local area in Florida and since I spend some time in South Carolina I decided to visit Richard Graham in Columbia last week.

Richard had the orthotics ready a few hours after he casted me which I particulary liked. I was suprised that I didn't feel any discomfort and Richard suggested that initially I let my feet tell me how long to wear them. I was able to almost immediately transition to being able to wear them all the time and now ten days later I can say that Richard's orthotics have done more to relieve my situation than anything I've tried so far.

Re: Orthotics areworking for me

Bill Wood on 7/11/03 at 07:47 (124055)

I would like to see a lot of in-put on this subject. I am convinced that my orthotics (custom made also) are the root of my current foot problems. I always feel like I'm walking on the outside edge of my left foot. Had orth adjusted twice, but without any change. Now am dealing with neuroma and possible ligament/tendon damage. Not to mention the PF is back. I would like more opinions and/or advice on the effectiveness of orthotics and how to tell if they are the cause of these problems.

Re: Orthotics areworking for me

Richard, C.Ped on 7/11/03 at 08:17 (124060)

Thanx Bob! That means alot to me. It was a pleasure meeting you and your wife. Please remember that if you have any problems at all....just let me know. Take care! Have a safe trip back to Florida.

Re: Orthotics areworking for me

Richard, C.Ped on 7/11/03 at 08:25 (124063)

Hi Bill,
I think it is possible that if an orthosis is not either casted or made correctly, it could either allow a condition to progress, or, create seperate contitions elsewhere.

You say you feel as if you are being pushed outside. Most people with either flat feet or lower arches will say that they feel this way when first using the orthotics. That is because the arch of the orthosis raises your instep, and puts you in a position that you are not used to. People with high arches are a little more difficult to work with because you do not want to push them out further than they already are.

What you can do is perhaps find a C.Ped in your area so that he/she can tell if the orthosis has you in the correct positon as per your prescription.

How long have you been wearing your current orthotics?

Do you have flat feet or low arches?

Do you have a high arch?

What type of orthosis do you have? Hard plastic? Semi-rigid or soft foam?


Re: Orthotics areworking for me

Carole C in NOLA on 7/11/03 at 17:52 (124147)

Like Bob, I feel that my custom orthotics were extremely helpful for my PF. If you feel like you are walking on the outside edge of your left foot, it sounds like the person making your orthotic maybe wasn't too good at it. Or, maybe our foot problems differ a lot.

My custom orthotics immediately felt like they were doing something wildly GOOD for my feet. They were pushing things where they needed to go, and holding my feet in a position that felt very, very right. It blew my mind that my C.Ped somehow KNEW that I needed pressure in that one little spot and so forth and so on. I didn't even know it, so how could she? But she did.

The only thing I didn't like about my custom orthotics is that they are huge, and my C.Ped fitted them into huge men's SAS shoes, so I felt like a cross between Clarabelle the Clown and a crossdresser when I had to wear them in public. But, at the time I was in considerable pain and willing to wear them anyway just to get better.

I would say that if you broke them in slowly, and they still don't feel good, they probably won't. Maybe it's time to stop seeing that particular foot professional, and instead see a good C.Ped . Most of the good/enthusiastic reports for custom orthotics that I've seen here are from people who had C.Ped's make them instead of other foot professionals, instead of computers, and so on. That makes sense, since that is what C.Ped's do as their specialty. Mine requires a prescription from a doctor or podiatrist and then she does her MAGIC!

Carole C

Re: Orthotics areworking for me

Ginger on 7/11/03 at 19:44 (124162)

Today I got my orthotics. They are WONDERFUL. I have been using the night splint for about two weeks. I noticed a difference after 2 days!!! That helped me tremendously. Now the orthotics take over the rest. I have absolutely NO PAIN!!!. Can't believe I waited almost a year to see the podiatrist.

Re: Orthotics areworking for me

BGCPed on 7/11/03 at 23:17 (124182)

Bill I have found that many cases of neuroma are not always that. Further many cases are caused by wrong size and type of shoe, insert and other issues. Please go and have a good fitter check your shoe size and fit you with an athletic shoe. Wear it for 2 weeks and see if your symptoms are reduced at all

Re: Orthotics areworking for me

Nan D on 7/14/03 at 22:53 (124447)

Hello Bill,
I went through many 'fittings' with hard 'supposedly custom' made orthotics that never fit & almost ruined my feet forever. I had tremendous pain for many months w/ a neuroma until I found custom silicone gel orthotics. The gel automatically goes where it needs to go, to stabilize your foot, without any 'time wasting' adjustments that don't work. These little silicone scientific miracles saved my career & life to put it mildly. After about 2 months of wearing them, the majority of my pain was gone and there was no huge amount of breaking in time!Check out http://www.DrKiper.com(or SDO) website or the http://www.ezrunner.com website. Both have a money back guarantee, so if you don't get relief, you have nothing to lose.(They also work for PF & many other foot problems, but I can't remember the exact site names. If you can't find either of them, contact me & I'll get my notes!)The design is actually very unique & versatile as well, since they are a 2 part system and you wear the outer cover w/gel insert for sneakers and then you can remove the gel part to wear for dress shoes or sandals which is much thinner. Both sites are very explanatory and it was THE ONLY solution I thought to make any logical sense for foot problems. Good Luck & I hope you have the amazing success I've had......Nan
PS; I have actually called some of their previous clients who also had great success, so I allowed them to add me to their list and I'd be happy to discuss it with you.

Re: Orthotics areworking for me

Mahatmelissama on 7/20/03 at 23:05 (124856)

My Langer Blueline orthotics seem to be helping me. Took me a month to break them in. Anybody else wearing this kind? Just curious.