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a real cure that works

Posted by rick b. on 7/11/03 at 22:16 (124175)

I have been a pain sufferer like most of you for years. I got very lucky this past March. I stumbled upon a book titled 'Healing Back Pain' by Dr. John Sarno. I would highly recommend that anyone with any cronic pain should read this book. My back pain after 20 years is entirely gone. The arch pain I have had for 3 years is also gone.

Basically, the book shows how your own unconscientious mind has created physical pain rather than deal with repressed anger. I'll bet most of you are hardworking, conscientious people who are people pleasers and try not to loose your temper very often. I also bet that a lot of you suffer from headaches too.

I know it sounds crazy, I have shared my findings with friends and relatives. For those who would listen, it worked.

A last comment that may get you thinking a little different. How many people can you name of that have plantar fasciitis, back pain or carpel tunnel syndrome? A lot, I bet. Now, how many people do you know who have ulcers? I bet not many. Thirty years ago, ulcers were very common. It is suggested in the book that new pain symptons have replaced ulcers. Ask your parents how many people had plantar fasciitis, back pain or carpel tunnel syndrome 30 years ago.

You can order this paper back book very cheap on the net. I really hope some of you at least read the book. I know it will change your life.

Re: a real cure that works

BGCPed on 7/11/03 at 23:10 (124181)

Thanks for the great first post rick b. Can you tell us the reason that ulcers have been replaced by carpal tunnel, pf and back pain?

It sounds like your claim, or the book you want to sell states that it is mostly all based in the mind. Were the people taught that they should switch from ulcers to complain about carpal tunnel,pf and back pain? Are you saying that most of these symptoms manifest in people that have certain personality traits?

Perhaps you have hit on an idea that 'people pleasers' are ripe for the picking as far as purchasing products that can solve problems. I know I will get called nasty for this but all I ask is wait 3 weeks and see what else rick b has contributed

Re: a real cure that works

JoAnn M on 7/12/03 at 00:02 (124188)

I am glad to here that thism book helped you so much.However,I take issue with the claims about ulcers being replaced with foot and back pain.As someone who used to have ulcers,I have first hand knowledge that the reason you here of less people with ulcers,is that they have been proven to be caused by a virus in most cases,which is treatable!After my treatment 7 or so years ago,never had another problem.Several other friends of mine report the same.I dont want to sound negative about the book,but maybe that one piece of info is incorrect.

Re: a real cure that works

Max K on 7/12/03 at 01:26 (124190)

Rick B. said: 'The book shows how your own unconscious mind has created physical pain rather than deal with repressed anger.'

I do believe in this sort of thing. I do believe that a large percentage of illnesses are the effects of a psychosomatic cause. I looked for the book an amazon.com, and found this in their editorial review:

'He's not saying that your pain is all in your head; rather, he's saying that the battle going on in your mind results in a real physical disorder that may affect muscles, nerves, tendons, or ligaments. An injury may have triggered the disorder, but is not the cause of the amount or intensity of the resulting pain.'

That sounds interesting and plausible to me.


Re: a real cure that works

Kathy G on 7/12/03 at 09:16 (124195)

Well, I don't think the pain is in my head but I do think I have a personality that fosters muscle tension which results in a great deal of my aches and pains. The only thing that kind of shoots that whole theory out of the water is that fact that I was eleven years old when I first developed chronic neck pain. I remember it so well because that was when my mother's theory that because I went to bed with wet hair most nights (It was summer and we lived on a lake and I was always swimming.), that the long, wet hair was causing the muscle pain. So, I had my braids cut off! I sure wasn't going to quit swimming! And no, it didn't help the pain one iota.

But over the years, and over the course of many back, shoulder, neck ailments, the one universal message I have gotten is that I have extremely tight, tense muscles and I should learn to relax. And believe me, I have tried but to no avail.

As for foot pain, though, not one doctor has ever mentioned that it was due to my personality, other than the fact that I am (or was) particularly active. So I don't buy it as far as PF is concerned.

Re: a real cure that works

john h on 7/12/03 at 09:53 (124199)

Kathy: Try a double Beefeater Martini with olives. Stirred not shaken. See if this helps that tension. When I flew combat missions my muscles were like banjo strings the night before a mission but strangely once you fired up the engines and were under way the tension sort of went away. I guess your concentration on the problem immediately at hand made you forget that tension.

Re: a real cure that works

john h on 7/12/03 at 10:01 (124200)

the old medical theories that ulcers were caused by stress and rich food have gone out the medical window. ulcers are caused by either the h-pylori bacteria or to much meds such as aspirin or other NASIDS. if you have an h-pylori induced peptic ulcer your are treated with anti-biotics and acid reducers such as nexium. if you have Nasid induced ulcers you stop taking the Nasids. surgery for ulcers is almost non existent anymore. you certainly can get stomach pain from stress probably induced by tight muscles or a big shot of adrenlin. if i had to present a speech before a large audience I assure you my stomach often would obtain some knots that a boyscout could not untie.

Re: a real cure that works

john h on 7/12/03 at 10:10 (124201)

Rick: I think most of us would agree that many illness and pains are self induced but it is not very likely we as individual can separate what is real and what is not. I had severe neck pain for a year. Surgery cured it as there were fragments of a disc floating around in the spinal canal which would lodge on a nerve at odd times and cause a 10 level pain. Ulcers have greatly decreased because researchers have found that ulcers are caused by two things--the h-pylori bacteria and Nasids and both can be treated appropriately without surgery. The sub concious can do a lot of things to our bodies. Some monks can raise and lower their body temperature and heart beat at will. People have surgery while under hypnosis. I one could learn to control his/her subconcious who knows what we might discover. Maybe some things we do not want to discover.

Re: a real cure that works

BevN. on 7/12/03 at 12:44 (124225)

Kathy G,
Thanks !! I am glad to hear that. I always think it is just 'in my head ' too. My doctors seem to think that too , when they can't cure you they think you need a shrink. Then it is 'all in your head' because that depresses you even more :( What a vicious cycle /:)

Re: a real cure that works

BGCPed on 7/12/03 at 15:05 (124244)

Thanks JoAnn for that helpful information.

Re: a real cure that works

Kathy G on 7/13/03 at 11:34 (124309)


You want to hear something really depressing? I can't drink because I'm allergic to alcohol! Give me anything with alcohol and within a half hour of so, I will be vomiting!

Luckily, I found out in my own home and didn't make a fool out of myself among my friends. When I was between eighteen and twenty-one, I tried everything, too, because, at that age, who wants to be the killjoy who can't drink? What happens, it was explained to me, is that my body lacks the enzyme that breaks alcohol down beyond the poisonous stage. So when I ingest alcohol, I suffer from a form of food poisoning. Even an improperly prepared tort cake will do me in.

Once I found out about it, it explained why so many cough medicines, back when I was a kid and they contained alcohol, made me deathly sick. The best story was when I was about eleven or twelve and I had a particularly bad case of bronchitis. A family friend persuaded my mother to get some ginger brandy and give me a bit as her family swore by it. So my mother, being a good mother, got some and gave it to me. I still vividly remember how sick I became. I must have vomited twenty times that night! My mother felt just awful. Here she was trying to make me feel better and she just added to my problems! In later years, when she found out about my condition, she knew why I had reacted that way but she never got over it.

It's kind of like having my own built-in Antibuse! Just chalk it up with one more weird thing about my body!

Re: a real cure that works

Dorothy on 7/13/03 at 23:45 (124353)

Dr. Sarno's work is based on his research. Dr. Andrew Weil often recommends his writings/clinic to people in pain, e.g. back pain. The television feature reporter, John Stossel, has written that he suffered from back pain for years, often debilitating; he went to Dr. Sarno's clinic and, as of last writing I read, had found ways to relieve his chronic pain.
As I recall from what I have read of Dr. Sarno's ideas, it is NOT the 'it's all in your head' in the usual, dismissive way that is meant. Instead, it is the EFFECTS of the mind/emotions on the body and that tension, fear, pain response causes the muscles to contract and shut off/down blood supply and THAT then causes problems with pain.

I hope I have not mischaracterized his ideas.

It would be good for all who are in pain to learn and practice relaxation techniques, whether for reasons shown by Dr. Sarno, or for other positive effects. It is very hard, I know, when IN pain, so best to practice when pain is less or absent, or simply slightly tolerable on your own scale.

Re: a real cure that works

john h on 7/14/03 at 07:54 (124367)

Kathy: I read a few years ago about certain people who were allergic it 'money'. The paper kind. I am not joking

Re: a real cure that works

nancy sc on 7/14/03 at 08:39 (124372)


You give a great description of his theory, despite your disclaimer here and above. You mention the reporter who met with success at Dr. Sarno's clinic. Part of his success was no doubt due to his actually attending the clinic, rather than just reading the book. It is very hard to assimilate the theory into your mind, even if you understand it very clearly.

I am thinking of going back to the clinic; as I recall it was covered by my insurance. Dr. Sarno is a physiatrist.


Re: a real cure that works

Kathy G on 7/14/03 at 10:31 (124383)

I'll bet they don't work in a supermarket! And I'll bet they use charge cards to pay for everything! Can you imagine? It must be unbelievable.

There are some strange allergies out there. My mother knew a couple and the wife got deathly sick everytime she had relations with her husband. She went from one doctor to another, even went to Mass General in Boston, and could get no relief. They actually ended up getting a divorce. It's one of those stories that's kind of funny on the surface but when you hear the final result, it's tragic. I often wonder if that happened today, with medical science so advanced, if they would have been able to help them.

Being allergic to alcohol isn't so bad. With the history of alcoholism in my family, it's actually a blessing!

Re: a real cure that works

john h on 7/14/03 at 13:19 (124398)

Kathy: Was it only her husband who triggered this reaction? This sort of sounds like the common cold to me? There is no cure.

Re: a real cure that works

BGCPed on 7/14/03 at 14:16 (124411)

he could have tested that theory. I am sure they could find any number of men to colunteer for that noble cause. Just like testing with the skin scratches. Get a whole bunch of them and see what reacts and doesnt

Re: a real cure that works

Kathy G on 7/14/03 at 14:26 (124412)

Actually, she ended up married to another man (no side effects;)) although my mother said that she always truly loved the first husband. I didn't make this up and neither did my mother - she was a friend of hers! This was many years ago and people didn't sleep around as much in those days although some of them obviously did! My mother said that she didn't think this woman had ever slept with anyone other than her husband.

It raises all kinds of questions, doesn't it? I mean, no matter how straight-laced people were in those days, had I been the second husband, I'd have made sure that she had no allergic reaction to me before marrying her!

Re: a real cure that works

john h on 7/14/03 at 15:49 (124420)

Kathy: I have indeed read about a divorce where one spouse reported she was allergic to her husband. Not just about sex but just alergic to him period. I wish my wife was alergic to shoes or credit cards.

Re: a real cure that works

CELIA on 7/16/03 at 16:44 (124566)

I do know that it was Dr. Sarno who had volunteered to help out Rosie O'Donnell's worker who was on a wheelchair. Did anyone see that episode? She called out one of her staff members who was on a wheelchair and said if anyone can help her, she would greatly appreciate it. Well, I guess Dr. Sarno did and apparently this lady was healed and never needed to be a on the wheelchair again.

So I bought the book and read it. Ready for this? (And I hate it when this happens myself because I get so fired up with buying the gadgets people rave about until I hear someone who had no luck with it.........). IT DIDN'T WORK!!! The book is now collecting dust in my storage.


Re: a real cure that works

BGCPed on 7/16/03 at 22:00 (124597)

Well Celia that is an example. I know that it helps some folks, jello in the left reart pocket will relieve some pain in certain people. If you read the tests on any drug the placebo works to a certain degree in all drugs. In some cases the placebo sounds safer and more helpful if you counter in the may cause dizziness,vomiting,shortness of breath,sleep,hives, etc.

I didnt have a prob with the book, it was the persons approach and response that bothers me. He had the same canned first post selling something and like about 5 others on here I have questioned my guess is he wont be back. If he is it will be to 'check up' on the results of the folks that bought the book and to slam the ones that questioned his motives

Re: Levitate your way out of here pls.

Mahatmelissama on 7/17/03 at 18:06 (124661)

thx and kiss my grits on the way out Rick.