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for Bev...

Posted by Suzanne D on 7/11/03 at 22:33 (124177)

Dear Bev.

In reading some of the posts below, I noticed your mention of not being able to work as a nurse and your frustration at not being able to keep your grandson today.

First, I'd just like to say that from all the posts you've written, I can tell you're a wonderful grandma. Don't worry; your grandchildren will understand when you aren't up to doing something with them. Your love and support for them is a constant in their lives, and the fact that you can't do a particular thing with them (while disappointing to you!) does not take that away.

So many times I wished for my parents to be there just to answer the telephone to tell my daughters they were proud of them for an achievement or to send them a card for their birthday. They both died when my youngest was a baby, so she never knew them at all. I know they missed so much by not having their grandparents' love and support. You are very valuable to them even if you can't run around and do as much as you would like.

About the nursing - that has to hurt. I think so often that if/when the time comes that I have to stop teaching, how hard it will be. I am sorry for your loss in that area and wish I had something to say that helped. I am sure that you share your expertise with friends and family when they have questions and health concerns, and I'm sure many are helped by that.

Take care. You are certainly not a nothing!

Suzanne :)

Re: for Bev...

Kathy G on 7/12/03 at 08:58 (124193)

You know, Bev, they say doctors and nurses make the worst patients!;)

I was thinking about you last night and thinking that part of your utter frustration is due to the fact that you're used to being the caretaker and now the tables are turned. As a mother and a nurse, you were always the one giving the care and now, you have to accept a certain amount of help and care. I know how much I hate being in this position so it must be hundred-fold for you!

Suzanne, as always, has said it all better than I ever could!