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I gotta tell ya

Posted by Fred H on 7/11/03 at 22:40 (124178)

This stretching business is driving me crazy. On the one hand you read that aggressive stretching can re-injure the fascia. - so, I think, better take it easy on that stretching and pursue it in a more modest fashion. Then I read the heel pain book were Scott says the following: 'I stretched for months using a mild approach and saw no improvement. I switched to
a more aggressive routine and saw dramatic improvement.' At which point I think - Damn, I have got to quit horsing around and start to really stretch. That night splint alone can hardly be regarded as 'a more agressive routine'.

It's enough to drive a bloke bonkers.

Re: I gotta tell ya

Kathy G on 7/12/03 at 09:07 (124194)

That it is, Fred! It's all very individual. When I first came to these boards, I felt that stair hanging was one of the exercises that helped me most. After reading these boards, I feared that I was injuring my feet more than helping them so I stopped. But there are still times when my feet are really hurting and I feel like I hanging a while would really ease the discomfort. It was a physical therapist who started me doing it which is a real puzzle.

For me, I've settled on Julie's Yoga stretches and I do them a few times a day. I wonder sometimes, though, when I wake up with sore calves as I did today, if I overdid the stretching the day before. But then again, maybe I didn't stretch enough yesterday. Or maybe it was all the trips up and down the stairs. Or maybe it was the rain. Or the position of the moon and stars......you're right.........I am already crazy from the whole thing! 8-}