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My latest attempt to cure PF...

Posted by Rachael T. on 7/13/03 at 12:17 (124312)

Seems like 'curing PF' seems to be the topic of late.....& of course, rightly so since we all WISH we could do more than 'manage' our pain & related activities in our lives. Well, I am unsure of this - the jury is still out! But, upon visiting PSU yesterday at State College, Pa. - I went into the Rapid Transit Shoe store which was 'recommended' to me by a person who knew of my 2 year stint w/ PF. She told me to see if their sales reps could help me as she knew of 'someone' who was helped by their shopping trip there. Well - to make a long story short....'Brett' a sales rep, spent about 45 minutes with me & had out about 20 prs. of sneakers - had me wearing different ones on each foot - walking outside on the sidewalk in these new 'test' shoes - with & w/o my orthotics, & finally prescribed for me Brooks Aerial 8B #42100191 with a medium 'heel lift' which was merely made of gel.....I truly was 'fearful' of walking w/o orthotics; as each previous time in the past 2 yrs. that I have attempted to go without my orth...I am in pain the next day - alot! Well, today is Sunday - I bought these on Sat. morning, & I've worn them yesterday & today - & I shall continue to 'try' them....I will advise you on the final outcome later.....BUT, I must say at this time - I've practically NO heel pain - some 'strange maybe tired overall foot' feeling yesterday which I attributed to my being without orthotics. Sooo, maybe this shoe may be the trick - or at least, I am trying again! I will advise that he said for PF'rs to never ever wear an hour glass tennis shoe. I shall update you later in the week regarding the outcome of my latest 'try to cure pf!'

Re: My latest attempt to cure PF...

BevN. on 7/13/03 at 14:44 (124327)

Rachael T,
Thankyou Rachael, we will be looking forward to your up-dates :)

Re: My latest attempt to cure PF...

CELIA on 7/17/03 at 14:10 (124644)

Why not wear an hour glass tennis shoe? I have purchased the Adidas TR8 which feels great on my foot and I can even run in them. I feel like I have pillows under my feet. These have provided both comfort and support. I'm confused why not an hour glass shoe??? I have found that no matter what anyone suggests, as far as shoes, it's the feet that have to be happy. My feet are happy, but I'm just curious to know.