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question about TTS return after surgery

Posted by Pam S. on 7/13/03 at 21:45 (124346)

Dear Drs.
I had TTS release in l999. Quick recap...no mass or veins from MRI.
Needle EMG showed TTS. Pain free after surgery although I have some PF in both feet.

My foot is now burning like crazy again. I cannot believe this. I take 400mg of Neurontin. I cannot tolerate any orthodics and my feet are very thin and flat. You are probably going to say to go back to the ortho. surgeon who performed the surgery but he will just say go to physical therapy or do the surgery again which I would NEVER do.

Can you give me any survival tips because I am out of energy dealing with all of this. I know you have said if there is no mass that this can happen. Maybe it is all in my head and it will be gone tomorrow. It has been bad for several weeks. Just in a panic and would love your advice. THX. Pam