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bottom of foot hurts but it's not the heel

Posted by Chris S. on 7/14/03 at 22:43 (124446)

I would like to know if the pain I am feeling in the bottom of my foot could be plantar fasciitis even though the pain is closer to the ball of the foot.

Re: bottom of foot hurts but it's not the heel

Aly R. on 7/15/03 at 12:04 (124477)

Hi Chris,

You should be seen by a podiatrist to determine the cause of your foot pain. When I first developed plantar fasciitis, I did not have heel pain, but pain in the arch under the big toe / ball of foot. I did not seek medical attention and ultimately developed long-term chronic PF (the pain eventually 'traveled' down to my heels).

Please don't hesitate to make a doctor's appointment for this now - if it is PF, you need to start treating it right away.

Good luck!