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Posted by Pam S. on 7/14/03 at 23:48 (124452)

Dear DRs.
l. How likely is it that TTS would return in several years if there is no mass or veins at the time of surgery?
2. How long do you 'make' scar tissue and can that contribute to burning pain coming back even thou a person had PT?
3. Is it normal for the inside of the foot to still feel 'tight' around the scar even thou TTS surgery was back in 99?
4. What would you recommend a patient to do ie. ultrasound, massage?
I would love to hear your reply. I have learned so much from your great advice. Thank you for taking the time if you would be so kind so answer these questions.

Re: FOR THE DOCTORS: TTS recurring

Ed Davis, DPM on 7/15/03 at 19:58 (124514)

I don't believe that there are firm statistics on this issue. I think that it is reasonable to asssume that if tarsal tunnel syndrome is caused by scar tissue, as opposed to a mass, that recurrence would be somewhat more likely.

Our bodies make and break down scar tissue continually. A problem occurs when that process goes out of balance allowing scar tissue to become excessive. Ultrasound, massage, iontophoresis, injections of substsances to break down scar tissue may all be options.

Re: Thank you Dr. Ed!!

Pam S. on 7/16/03 at 10:04 (124533)

Dear Dr. Ed:
Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions. We all really appreciate your help. I wish there was some way to compensate for all the time you spend. It would be cool to contribute to some sort of fund and you or someone could maybe help someone who needs meds they cannot afford
or some other need.

I know this is just too difficult to monitor on line like this but it was just a thought. I guess everyone in the whole wide world would have a need of some sort. It is just that I have noticed some people on these posts who really sound sincere and you just wish you could help them.
Well, YOU are helping them so I suppose your time and advice is a great service in itself. Warmly, Pam