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DR ED, Fetch some tissues before you read this

Posted by BGCPed on 7/15/03 at 15:26 (124492)


Re: DR ED, Fetch some tissues before you read this

BevN. on 7/15/03 at 16:43 (124496)

I didn't need even one tissue :)

Re: DR ED, Fetch some tissues before you read this

john h on 7/15/03 at 16:58 (124498)

BG: Miss Hillary was in Little Rock at Sam's doing a book signing last week. I think her book sales has passed the 1 million mark so that is a quick $5mil at least for her. Bill is getting $100,000 per speech and is writing his book so I think they can make it. You will not believe the Clinton Library they are building here (they changed the name of one of our main streets to President Clinton Avenue). It will be the most expensive presenditial library ever built. As part of it there will be a very large lake home in Hot Springs, Ar. which is about 60 miles down the road. The library will also have a luxury apartment. There is a railroad bridge that crosses the Arkansas River where the library is being built and it is being reworked to become a very fancy walkway across the river leading to the main facility. Little Rock Board of Directors (under a very large local protest) is making the land available to the library foundation. The money will come out of our Parks and Recreation Budget which is funded by taxpayers. I think they already have enough donations to about cover the cost of this complex. President Bill wonders into town from time to time but last week was the first time Hillary has been back in a very long time. I do not think she likes it here very much. I was having coffee recently in the local coffee house and in strolls Paula Jones. She has had surgery on her nose and actually looks good but you know it is Paula the minute she opens her mouth. She lives just north of Little Rock. Billy Bob Thorton just completed a movie near hear. He also made Sling Blade nearby and is of course from Arkansas. How did he ever get Angelena Joule??? Maybe you can come to the grand opening of the Library. I will get you tickets if you will come and I can show you all the bars Prez Bill once frequented. As you know we have the former Commander of NATO from Little Rcok thinking about running for President as a Democrat. He is also a Rhodes Scholar like Bill. I cannot ever see another President from Arkansas in this century I do not care what his credentials are.

Re: DR ED, Fetch some tissues before you read this

BevN. on 7/15/03 at 17:11 (124501)

Did you get your book signed :D

Re: DR ED, Fetch some tissues before you read this

Ed Davis, DPM on 7/15/03 at 19:49 (124512)


We can hold the tissues because, as John pointed out, the Clinton's have the money to cover the expenses. If only the rest of us could cover legal expenses so easily. If the liberal dems are so against tort reform, maybe they can set up a legal defense fund for everyone who has had to defend themselves in the lawsuit epidemic. Justice is far from equal when the cost of it is so great and when it can often go to the highest bidder. Where are the egalitarian instincts of the liberals when
there is such inequality in how citizens are treated by the legal system?

Re: DR ED, Fetch some tissues before you read this

BGCPed on 7/15/03 at 23:14 (124523)

Well Dr Ed, I would say it is a similar and dark force at work. This is the same group that supports the hipocrisy at UofM regarding the race based discrimination policies at places like UofM.

It is very funny how they can make vague comments that diversity is this rich and valuble tool, but only if they control the ration. Their logic is that people cant learn unless they are mingled in with a controlled number of certain minorities. Minorities by the way that they deem to be minorities.

This is all well and good. I just wonder when they will use the same wonderful logic and apply it to the teaching staffs at the univerities? I mean if you cant gain a valuble education unless you are seated near a control group of hand picked minorities, how can a group of mostly liberal white educators provide a diverse and valuble learning experience?

Anybody know the answer Im all ears

Re: DR ED, Fetch some tissues before you read this

Richard, C.Ped on 7/16/03 at 07:50 (124527)

It is funny to hear interviews with Hillary discussing the weak economy while she is raking in the money for her book. Also, Bill just bought that condo in Ireland. If he is so concerned about the American economy, why did he not keep the money in the U.S.?

Re: DR ED, Fetch some tissues before you read this

BGCPed on 7/16/03 at 09:43 (124532)

Irelans is a wonderful resource for young pretty girls that like to party. I had a funny picture from the net, I cant find it. It was a real street sign from Arkansas. I dont know how long it stayed up but it said Welcome to Little Rock Home of Bill Clinton. Under it had a sexual predator warning..kinda funny for some people

Re: DR ED, Fetch some tissues before you read this

Richard, C.Ped on 7/16/03 at 10:20 (124534)

You mean this one?

Re: DR ED, Fetch some tissues before you read this

john h on 7/16/03 at 10:26 (124536)

BG in my younger days I had a girlfriend in Scotland but only got to visit her about 3 times a month. We had an Officer Club in Prestwick that was an old 19th century castle high on a hill top. My great memory of there is that when you danced you always moved in a circle and never never try to take a step backwards against the flow. I had a bagful of cashmere sweaters and argyle socks from Scotland. Would arglye socks look cool with birks or what?

Re: DR ED, Fetch some tissues before you read this

BGCPed on 7/16/03 at 11:38 (124542)

Would look very cool, much better than black socks and birks. Good one Richard, some of the other pics in that link are funny. The state coin is a good one.....A+ for your homework assignment

Re: DR ED, Fetch some tissues before you read this

BGCPed on 7/16/03 at 11:39 (124543)

Remember Animal Farm Dr Ed. We are all created equal, just some are more equal than others

Re: Covering legal expenses

Sharon W on 7/16/03 at 13:11 (124551)

I rather like the idea of making it a law that, with any lawsuit that goes all the way to court, if there is a clear winnner and a clear loser the loser must pay legal expenses for both sides. That would discourage frivillous lawsuits and make it possible for people who know they were in the right to take the issue to court, rather than settling just to save money on legal defense. It sounds like it would increase the load on our civil courts because more cases would be brought to trial -- and maybe it would, at first -- but I think the net effect would be to greatly reduce the number of suits.


Re: DR ED, Fetch some tissues before you read this

john h on 7/16/03 at 13:12 (124552)

I think California is projected to have an hispanic majority in about 15 years. Will whites be considered a minority at that time? I guess I really do not know how the government defines a minority. I heard a black Professor recently discussing what being black means. He suggested it means not skin color but attitude which really got into some deep discussions. Many blacks are offended by some of the quotas and preferences laws as they feel they have made it through college on their merits and are now being stigmatized by laws awarding them preferential treatment upon college entry. I clearly remember in the 50's my first Commanding Officer in the 437th Fighter Squadron. He was a young black Major which for those days was unheard of. I knew this guy had to be something special and he was. He became a 4 star General named Chappie James. I remember one of my early Flight Surgeons who was black. I figured this guy was a really special Doctor to have made it though medical school in the atmosphere of the 50's. Now with all the special considerations given minorities, I think, do to no fault of thier own they have been somewhat stigmatized. The government and racial leaders may in fact not be helping as much as they think they are. Many black leaders and academics like Armstrong Williams preach this on a regular basis. In the military we were integrated way ahead of the general population, I have been treated by many black Physicians along the way. My wifes doctor when my daughter was born was black. How many people out there today when they select a Doctor might not conciously or subconciously wonder if their Doctor made it through medical school because of his race or his ability. I know a black Neurosurgeon in town and have been to his office on business on occasion. It seems that 90% of his patients are black. In our efforts to solve the inequities of race in our society we sometimes do just the opposite of what we are trying to do..

Re: DR ED, Fetch some tissues before you read this

BGCPed on 7/16/03 at 13:38 (124554)

Good points John. I found it interesting that the radical group BAMN at UofM that is in favor of these discriminatory policies is very unfair. They were at a protest last year and a white student had a sign that said affirmative action is racism. He got his sign snatched and shoved to the ground.

Ward Connerly who is the black man that got the state of California to put it to the voters, which they rejected preferential treatment was here recently. He wants to get it on the ballot in Michigan. He was shouted down and heckled. A person from BAMN said things like we dont need his kind here. He is an Uncle Tom. We will run him out of Michigan.

Those are great actions arent they? The media is afraid to call them out. The idiots from BAMN are like the KKK. So much for free speach and open ideas. If it gets on the ballot it will win. Many politicians on the left cultivate minorities like a comodity. They are just farming votes for down the road

Re: Covering legal expenses

BGCPed on 7/16/03 at 13:58 (124556)

That is a good idea and done in England. The problem here is that the ambulance chasers will say you are limiting fair legal treatment and access to only those with money

Re: DR ED, Fetch some tissues before you read this

Dorothy on 7/16/03 at 18:38 (124576)

And just where does 'President Clinton Avenue' lead?

Re: Covering legal expenses

marie on 7/16/03 at 21:17 (124587)

Sharon I believe that bills proposing just what you said have been introduced and failed to get passed. The lawyers groups lobbey heavily against it. I think we need a 'people who are sick of frivolous lawsuits lobbiests.' But I am afraid we wouldn't get very far with the lawyers we'd be up against. What I'd like to know is exactly who (congressman or senator) supported the law so I can support them....I don't care what party their affiliated with.


Re: Covering legal expenses

BGCPed on 7/16/03 at 22:09 (124599)

You are right Marie. The problem is most congress and senate is comprised of Lawyers. One thing I dont get is that they treat arbritration different. If you have a lawsuit it goes to arb first. There are 3 attornies one you have one the other guy has and one neutral.

The case is presented and they decide on the damages if any. The person bringing suit can accept the amount and or the person being sued can accept. If the one being sued declines then he must win and an award less than 15% of the arbitration figure and they pay legal fees.

If the one filing suit wont take say 20k then they must win AND it must be within 15% or they pay. That is to keep the courts open. I dont know why that is ok for that but a real trial that goes to the limit doesnt have that option

Re: DR ED, Fetch some tissues before you read this

john h on 7/17/03 at 10:05 (124618)

President Clinton Avenue dead ends into the President Clinton Library which sits on the bank of the Arkansas River in downtown Little Rock..

Re: DR ED, Fetch some tissues before you read this

BGCPed on 7/17/03 at 10:38 (124627)

Where will the intern dorm be located

Re: DR ED, Fetch some tissues before you read this

Dorothy on 7/17/03 at 11:19 (124631)

I thought I might be offering a straight line to an infinite number of possible funny - or not so funny - answers to my question of 'Where does 'President Clinton Avenue' lead?'....but instead I got directions to the Clinton Library! That's OK - we can all probably come up with our own funny rejoinders to that question anyway.

Re: DR ED, Fetch some tissues before you read this

john h on 7/17/03 at 18:30 (124662)

It has a built in 'Apartment' for rest and study???? I think we once called them 'Pads'.

Re: Covering legal expenses

marie on 7/17/03 at 18:46 (124664)