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Bev, Thread is getting so long....so here's more

Posted by Pam S. on 7/15/03 at 18:40 (124509)

Dear Bev:
I have thought about you alot today. To first answer your question about the TTS surgery: There are many who believe that surgery or any trama like a car accident, chronic pain, stress all can contribute to the onset of fibro. I was not doing well before the TTS surgery. I had had a flu shot and started having some weird numbness in my arms and I thought I had carpal tunnel. I was just a mess - up all night and I mean all night. It was like I was electrified. I have never slept well and I have since had a sleep study done which showed restless legs. This is very common for fibro people which is why klonopin and Nuerontin help many of us. No one and I mean no one would believe the flu shot had anything to do with it but I will never get another one.

John gave you good advice. Go to Borders and read up on fibro. There will be more than you care to know but knowledge is power.

Bev, these struggles we go through are truly growing, learning times in our lives and I believe we learn so much about ourselves at times like this. It is no fun and I feel very alone if it were not for this board. I cannot spend too much time here because my husband also does not really understand. He is a high energy, successful, very nice but make you sick he gets so much done in a day type. He is a wonderful man but most men do not deal well when the wife is not doing well. They need to fix it that day or they get frustrated. More on husbands at another time.

Good advice from Sharon about the Elavil. It is still the number one drug prescribed for fibro and many other pain issues and it is very cheap. I do not know why my dr. does not like it for me. Many people do well on it.

Hope it does not sound like I am diagnosing you with fibro. I really have not asked you what your symptoms are exactly. But you know what, everyone is so different with this. That is why it has been so controversial. Need to cook dinner now. Any more questions. I like focusing on something beside myself!!!! Warmly, Pam
ps. Friends...why do you suppose the foot drs. do not answer my questions? They do not like me BOOOOO I even re-wrote it and I thought it was clear,more organized and less personal????? Oh well. I sort of think I know the answers but I it is cool to here what they have to say.

Anyone ever thought of setting up a fund we could contribute to in honor of the time they spend on these boards helping people. So nice of them.

Re: Bev, Thread is getting so long....so here's more

BevN. on 7/15/03 at 19:35 (124511)

You are ssoo sweet. Thankyou for being so nice >:D< You sure do eat late, hubby must work long hours . We had dinner then hubby paid bills and left for church meeting . I guess the doctors must be really busy, they will probably get to your question when they get the time :-/
You and your family have a lovely evening :) Bev