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Complications of pf and tts

Posted by D Sharp on 7/16/03 at 03:42 (124526)

what risk or complications is there of a pf surgery?

can the out come be pf if so what percentage?

can the collapsed arches from pf cause more pain on tts?

is there a good success rate of pf operation?

is it a straiht forawrd op?

can tts and pf cause knee and back problems?

thank you I would really aprreciate if my questions were answered as it would help my husband to understand the problems he has gone through and is still going through.

god bless you all!!

Re: Complications of pf and tts

Dr. Z on 7/16/03 at 16:53 (124567)

Here is a list of complication that pf surgery can and does cause
1. Infection
2. nerve damage (rare)
3. Delayed healing up to six months to one year
4. Pain that never leaves the foot ( rare)
5. RSD ( rare)
6. Lateral foot pain due to instability of the medial band of the plantar fascia common
All of these can and do happen the percentage is rare to common
Any foot pain can cause knee and lower back pain common

What type of surgery has been offered . What risks has your surgeon explained to you.

Pf release can relieve foot pain in many cases but ESWT is a much better procedure if you are a candidate and willing to pay out of pocket. Thee are none of the risks with ESWT that I have listed with pf surgery

Re: Complications of pf and tts

D Sharp on 7/17/03 at 03:54 (124608)

thank you for your answers but have you ever heard of someone that has had a pf op and after they had a nerve scan and tts is the result?

Re: Complications of pf and tts

Dr. Z on 7/17/03 at 14:03 (124642)

There are some patients that will have both pf and TTS. I have heard of a TTS condition after Pf surgery.