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I broke my leg and...

Posted by Lindsay G on 7/17/03 at 10:28 (124624)

10 weeks ago I broke my lower leg and was in a cast for 9 weeks. I've been out of my cast for a week and trying to walk around. The thing is, im in a lot of pain. Nothing hurts but my heel. Anyone know if this could be heel spurs. We're talking a 6 or 7 on the 1-10 pain scale. Ive been stretching my calf and using a heating pad since last night, but i have made no progress. Any suggestions?

Re: might be shortened tendon due to disuse

lara on 7/17/03 at 13:08 (124638)

This might be a better question for Ask the Doctor, but I think that what you described is caused by the shortening of your achilles tendon when it was in disuse while in the cast, and not uncommon. I've had it happen and it is a very sharp pain in my heel. If so, it should stretch back, but be careful and let pain be your guide cuz you don't want to snap the achilles tendon.

Now, if you are making no progress I don't know if that means you need to be more patient or if you should go back and ask the doctor.

Re: might be shortened tendon due to disuse

Dr. Z on 7/17/03 at 13:47 (124640)

I agree this is from wearing a hard cast for nine weeks.
Phyical Therapy may be in order. Contact your doctor and he can arrange this for you