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Dr Kiper's SDO's

Posted by Pete on 7/18/03 at 06:16 (124694)

Has anyone had an success with the above, particularly where they have ordered them remotely, rather than visiting Dr Kiper personally ?

Re: Dr Kiper's SDO's

AndrueC on 7/18/03 at 14:04 (124739)

I live in the UK so had to order them remotely. I have certainly found that they alleviate the pain and discomfort. I can now go for half an hour's walk if I want without problems.

As for curing..I don't know. I'm more mobile than I was but I'm not cured yet. Dr. K. says that for long term cases (I had mine for 18 months before trying the SDOs and regularly stretching) it can take a long time.

Even they aren't a cure they have vastly improved my quality of life and I would recommend them to anyone. One suggestion though:Do perservere. For the first week or so they will be painful - i found they were putting pressure in places that didn't want it. After a week though the pressure ceased to be a problem.

Re: Dr Kiper's SDO's

Nan D on 7/22/03 at 22:48 (125006)

Hello Pete,
I can tell you the SDO's are FABULOUS! I went to 2 Pod's, wasted 2-3 months of valuable time w/ them trying to fit 'ice scraper' orthotics that never fit and I was in horrible pain before finding the SDO's on the internet. In approx. 3 weeks, almost 50% of may pain was gone and after 6 months approx 80% of the pain is gone. It took me about 1 week to get use to them. I can't believe these Podiatrists refuse to use or don't even know about this amazing orthotics. When I researched extensively foot problems, this was the only product that made any logical sense as to actually being able to help all types of foot problems. There is a 3 or 6 month money back guarantee, and you have nothing to lose but your pain. So go for it and I wish you as much success as I've had!

Re: Dr Kiper's SDO's

PhysicsRon. on 7/23/03 at 14:31 (125054)

My SDO's are working pretty well here in the north woods of Washington State where I am for the summer.

Re: Dr Kiper's SDO's

Barbara S on 7/24/03 at 22:40 (125177)

I have also ordered remotely Dr. Kipers SDO'S. I have been very pleased with them. Dr. Kiper will work and work with you until you have the proper fit. If he needs to know something more thoroughly he will even call you on the phone. I don't know what kind of insurance you have,but he will check on that for you also. For my insurance it was consider out of network, so they paid 80%. Good Luck Barbara S.

Re: Dr Kiper's SDO's

Harry B. on 7/26/03 at 03:07 (125266)

Dear Pete,
Ilive in Australia (Sydney) I tryed shock treatment(3) injections,
massage,nothing helped,I didn't know any more what to do,where I got my shock treatments,the nurse told me to take a look on the web,there are
interestin stories about 'HEAL PAIN' so I stumbled on to Dr.Kipers website,the website looked great,bu where the orthotics???
Well I had nothing to loose (6 month Money back guarantee) I got my orthotics last Thursday 24/7,the moment I put them on I could not believe I was out of pain walking around. This is Day3 now & I feel GREAT,dont think about it,just DO IT.What have you got to loose.If you want to keep in touch please do.

Best Regards Harry Betschwar