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no meds for me

Posted by stella on 7/18/03 at 16:40 (124754)

Well i called and nope cant even get that. I tried telling them my situation but again i cant get any help. I really love the state let me tell u they do nothing to help. I have no money and am in extreme pain. I just hope my lawyer can get something out of workermans comp . bye

Re: Think positive

BrianG on 7/18/03 at 19:36 (124762)

Hi Stella,

Could you explain your situation a little more? Who did you call, the doctor, a state agency, or the pharmaceutical company? Why did they say you didn't qualify? Don't give up, you may still be able to work this out.

Sometimes when a person is in chronic pain, they need assistance in getting help. Do you have family, or a close friend, who can advocate for you? If not, I'll do what I can. You can e-mail me at: (email removed)


Re: no meds for me

marie on 7/28/03 at 18:22 (125479)

Stella I've been reading your posts. Stay off your foot. I would like to encourage you to do what you can to get the right medication. Neurontin is amazing. If the FAA passed it for nerve pain shouldn't your doc be able to get some free samples until workeres comp comes through? Can you talk to your family doctor? He may have a better bedside manner. In the meantime we are all pulling for you here.


Re: no meds for me

stella on 7/29/03 at 14:12 (125557)

I dont know i have been staying off my foot. I wish he would but says no free samples and i dont know what to do im still waiting for the letter the dr promised to write. And when i was there my bf asked him if i could have a new walking boot instead of the splint and he just replied its expensive and walked away. He is a jerk. I called today and left a message for him to get on it by friday. If not im going in there. Times are too tough i hate not being able to afford even groceries but what can i do when the state wont help cause i dont have children?? this really bothers me

Re: no meds for me

marie on 7/30/03 at 11:20 (125663)

If it was me I'd find a new Pod as soon as possible. You don't have to put up with that kind of treatment. When you have the right doc it can make all the difference. Hope you are having a good day. Take care of those footsies.