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9 1/2 weeks post ESWT and a QUESTION

Posted by Molly H on 7/19/03 at 12:18 (124792)

I had ESWT on May 14. I took your advice Dr. Ed and Dr. Z about waiting to run. I still have not run. I have been riding a stationary bike 4 times a week and swimming every now and then. I had a follow up visit to my pod and he did an sonagram ultra sound. He measured the thickness and both measured a 4. Before ESWT my left measured a 5. He forgot to measure my right. He said there was still inflammation in both. What does this mean? My pod is ok but, not as informative or as well versed as both of you are in ESWT.
My 2nd question is this... I decided to do pool running (20 min.)in the deep end the other day well this really flared both my feet up for 2 days!!!!!!!!!! Why could this be happening? I thought pool running was safe! My feet are much better today. Oh yea, Overall since shockwave I am MUCH improved! I still have morning heal pain in my left but, NOT my right. If I am on it for a very long time several hours they flare, but, I can stand longer walk longer etc. I am just wondering if at 9 weeks post ESWT it is normal to have a flare up from pool running?! Also 2 weeks ago, I walked fast for 25 minutes and flared up! When I walked for 10 minutes they DID NOT FLARE!

For anyone considering ESWT I highly recommend it! Oh yeah, I had heal insertion and arch pain, and now aside from my flare up, the arch pain is almost non existent.


Re: 9 1/2 weeks post ESWT and a QUESTION

Dr. Z on 7/19/03 at 17:05 (124800)

Hi Holly,

Every one is very different with healing and when the pain goes away. The ultrasound is one indication that the foot is getting better. Physical palpation is another but the most important is are you having pain with activities that cause you pain. You are just going to have to wait it out. Sometimes it takes 16 weeks or more to see alot of relief. Stay with the 10 minute walks and stop deep pool walking if it causes pain. I am not sure why walking in the pool would cause pain if you are not touching the bottom on the pool. Don't worry you heel pain shall pass

Re: 9 1/2 weeks post ESWT and a QUESTION

Ed Davis, DPM on 7/19/03 at 17:26 (124801)

Glad to see that things are improving. I, like Dr. Z am surprised to see the pool walking flaring things up. Nevertheless, if that is occurring, then stick with exercises that are for certain, not causing flare ups. Usually, you will know the next day if the exercise you had done today placed undue strain on the fascia.

Re: 9 1/2 weeks post ESWT and a QUESTION

Jean P. on 7/30/03 at 13:12 (125685)

Molly I am not a doctor but I had ESWT and the pool killed my feet too - it was temp. and now is no problem now - I don't know why but it was something I would avoid until you are further along the healing process. I too had to be wary of the type and duration of exercise for a few months after the procedure. We seem to be following the same pattern of recovery I still had pain in one foot for several months and the arch pain but now both are pain free - I still can't believe it - it seems too good to be true! Best wishes for continued improvement,