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Anodyne Therapy - Worked!

Posted by Lee L on 7/19/03 at 14:23 (124796)

Since no one seemed to have tried this - I wrote in May... I had 4 weeks of treatment and the pain and burning has stopped (It's been 3 weeks since I completed the treatments). I am now being tested to PROVE it has improved so I can get a home unit to administer my own anodyne therapy - as needed.

Re: Anodyne Therapy - Worked!

Dorothy on 7/19/03 at 17:54 (124809)

Lee L~

Thank you so much for reporting back on your experience with the Anodyne Therapy. I know that several people, including me, have been waiting to hear about this. That IS good news, isn't it? I would guess you are very pleased. What are the tests that will prove you have improved and what do they look for? What equipment will you use at home and is it the very same as you have been using in therapy?
I hope you will continue to report to us on this new therapy and I do appreciate your letting us know your good news. Keep up the good work!
Hope to hear more from you as time goes on. Thanks again.

Re: Anodyne Therapy - Worked!

Terry Z on 7/21/03 at 13:52 (124904)

Lee L,
Actually I have posted a couple times to your attention but I guess you didn't see that I asked for you to write me.

I also have done at least three weeks of anodyne but it hasn't done a thing. We were hoping it would help with the RSD. 2500 is a lot to pay for a home unit but if it's works for you great.

Re: Anodyne Therapy - Worked!

Lee L on 7/21/03 at 18:43 (124926)

Sorry, but I never got your messages. The testing that I am having is to determine if my insurance will cover a home unit. I can't afford one on my own. I will be having QST which tests for nerve damage in and around the feet - top and bottom. I failed it the first time. I am anxious to see how I do this time. Unfortunately, insurance companies will not pay for the entire test to be done on one day. They'll test the tops of my feet one day and the bottoms another. How stupid is that!? I'll be done on the 30th. I'll let youknow how I make out.