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big toe pain

Posted by Tamra Gaches on 7/20/03 at 17:55 (124844)

I have had a problem for five years now, it is getting worse, I have had the toe nail removed by a podiatrist, who said this would make it go away, not! it is still here and I have one less toe nail, anyway the pain is so severe that I cannot kick a ball, I must wear certain shoes, that do not touch the area, it is the right side of my big right toe, tender all the time, the left side does not hurt, I can touch it pressure does not bother it, but the right side will send me to the doctor, I live on motrin, I have been tested for diabetes, arthritist, none showing, pain still here, have been x-rayed nothing showing, anyway thought maybe you would have a suggestion, thanks!

Re: big toe pain

Dr. Z on 7/20/03 at 18:54 (124846)

It is possible you do have a bone spur or abnormal shape of the distal aspect of the inside of the toe.. I have seen this before and I have corrected this exact problem many times over the years. We provide what is called a minimial incision removal of the portion of the bone that is causing the problem. The best way to determine if this is the problem is by physical examination. If the x-ray shows no infection, fracture, bone tumor then this is your problem