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for Karin concerning Birk soft footbeds...

Posted by Suzanne D on 7/21/03 at 08:40 (124868)

Hi, Karen! In response to your question ~ 'I've not been able to wear Birkies because they are too hard. Do these softbeds help with that? Do you have to break in the softbeds? I don't have a high or low arch, will they still be good for me post ESWT with 15-30% pain level? Thanks! Karin'~

I wear the soft footbeds as the regular Birkenstocks are too hard for me, too. Perhaps you could try on a pair in the store and see how they work for you. Don't let the 'soft' be misleading; the soft footbed style still seems very firm to me, but I need that support. I made my feet worse, I think, before I knew anything about PF and tried wearing the most cushioned Reeboks I could find. Bad choice for me...

As for breaking them in, perhaps the break-in period is shorter for the soft footbeds, but in my opinion you still need to break them in gradually. I have read on an internet site an advertisement stating something to the effect that soft footbeds do not have to be broken in. Yes, they are not as hard, but they still have to mold to your particular foot, and that takes time. I wore a new pair longer than I intended once, and my feet were very sore the next day.

I don't know about wearing them post ESWT; I'm sure your doctor could advise you about that. But since many people wear them who have no foot problems, it would seem logical that you would still enjoy them with lowered pain levels.

Good luck! Hope this helps.
Suzanne :)

Re: for Karin concerning Birk soft footbeds...

john h on 7/21/03 at 09:14 (124872)

The salesman at the shoe store said the softbeds have no breakin period. At a local birk store Airizona softbeds are $99.00. On the Birk site in Germany they are $69 with free shipping but you have to wait about 5 weeks to get them. I have both hard and soft Birks and you will probably enjoy the soft better if you have never worn them.

Re: for Karin concerning Birk soft footbeds...

Suzanne D on 7/21/03 at 17:57 (124925)

I just received in the mail a new pair of soft footbed Arizonas today, John! I ordered them from Germany, paid for the 10-15 day shipping - not the quickest or most expensive, but not the 5 week, free period. I wanted to be used to them by the time school starts in 2 weeks. I paid $75, including shipping. And I also was able to get a different color than what is available in the soft footbed here. Mine are 'sand' colored. The only color I've seen the Arizona in the soft footbed here is black or brown. I've had a brown pair for two years now.

I'm glad to hear what the salesperson told you about the soft footbed break-in. When I got mine, the saleslady said they had to be broken in. I think I'll wear mine gradually just to be on the safe side. My feet are really sensitive.

Hope your toe is better!
Suzanne :)

Re: for Karin concerning Birk soft footbeds...

Karin on 7/23/03 at 16:37 (125064)

Hi all,
Thanks for your responses, they are very helpful. I think I will try the softbeds. I feel kind of silly cause I never knew you had to break birkies in, no one ever told me and that may be why I thought I could not wear them, I was trying to wear them all day --waking up with lots of pain in my feet and calves the next day.

I so want to wear these shoes and now I have hope!! John, if I google will I find that Birkenstock/Germany site? Thanks, Karin

Re: for Karin concerning Birk soft footbeds...

Suzanne D on 7/23/03 at 21:54 (125099)

Hi, Karen! Yes, perhaps the pain you have felt was because you didn't break in your Birkenstocks. You should have been told about that when you bought them, but now that you know, you could try wearing them again. Just start out slowly. Wear them about an hour the first day, and even if they feel fine, take them off and increase the time you spend wearing them each day for several days. Then you'll know if you can successfully wear them.

Here's the link to the German Birkenstock site. I hope this works!

Good luck!
Suzanne :)

Re: oops! Here's the link...

Suzanne D on 7/23/03 at 21:55 (125100)

It might work if I actually paste in the link!

http://www.gobuyeurope.com/Merchant2/merchant.mv ?

Suzanne :)

Re: Concerning Birk soft footbeds

Karin on 7/27/03 at 12:41 (125350)

Thanks Suzanne! I will try this method and hopefully get the wear them. Karin