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Bad Heel Pain!

Posted by Beth.L. on 7/22/03 at 20:04 (124990)

I am a student nurse in my third year of nursing. I have always had sore feet after standing for long periods of time, however, it has become worse. I was undergoing a clinical placement at a hospital last year, and I must admit the shoes I had were not very suitable. However, my feet were absolutely killing me. To the point where my heels were black and blue from bruising. The pain was mainly in my heels, and it felt like I was walking on raw bone. I could just feel the bones felt like they were grinding away. Quite painful.
This lot if placements I spent a fortune on comfortable and suitable shoes. I still have the pain, and when I come home and take my shoes off it is just as bad. Even when I am not standing on them I can feel the pain. Most of the time the pain travels up the back of my legs from my heels and all around the back and sides of my ankles.
Is there anything that you can suggest is the problem or a solution to my painful problem?
Thanks for your time!

Re: Bad Heel Pain!

Dr. Z on 7/25/03 at 08:52 (125198)

Read the heel pain book to educate yourself about plantar fasciitis. Very hard to determine what is going on with your foot. Time to see a doctor. Your ability to stand is your entire nursing future. See a podiatrist