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Posted by Kinda S. on 7/22/03 at 22:18 (125002)

I have what a podiatrist told me are referred to as knucklepads on several of my toes. Only one is slightly raised but they are not hard like corns, or painful, but just light and discolored. I am african-american and have only had one surgery ever, a lipoma removed from my back, which healed so-so (no keloid). I have tried cosmetic tatooing on the toes which looks much better but wears off after just a couple weeks. Please let me know of any possible options.

Re: knucklepads

Dorothy on 7/23/03 at 16:28 (125061)

I am not a doctor, nor do I have knowledge of your situation - however, I have read your post and have wanted to say that it is not clear to me what the problem is that you are asking advice/options for. Therefore, I thought that possibly others who are knowledgeable might also not be sure how to respond, if the problem is not clear. It could also be that I am just dim-witted these days!

I see that you have not yet gotten a response so I thought that if you re-posted with more specific descriptions of the problem and your request, you might get suitable responses. Good luck!

Re: knucklepads

Ed Davis, DPM on 7/27/03 at 17:22 (125373)

One thing that works for many are silicone gel pads. Silicone gel, when worn against the skin can shrink the hard tissue that forms the pads. One popular product is 'Cica-Care.'

Re: knucklepads

Francine A on 8/12/03 at 13:19 (126777)

Hi, I suffer from the same problem and just wanted to know if you had tried the silicone gel thing and if so did it work or have you found another solution?