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Help! Just been diagnosed with heel spurs(Ithink)

Posted by Helena B on 7/23/03 at 07:18 (125021)


I live in a foreign country..I have been jogging/walking for about five months. A month ago...I started having heel pain in my left foot and for two weeks I tried to walk the pain off...I t wasn't helping so two weeks ago,I totally stopped exercising....I went to the doctor yesterday...with his little English and my shakey knowledge of his language...we managed to communicate....I had a xray done and it showed that I had a heel spur...He felt my heel with his hand...and when he touched a certain area..I ouched! He gave me a shot and told me don't do anything for 15 days....I am to go back if I continued to have more pain....from what I understood..if it is a worst case scenerio...he will give two shots more...than put me on a silicone heel support....I feel some pain today....but it doesn't seem so bad...Any suggestions will be helpful...I went to this doctor because I have heard he's the best...even if I did not understand everything he said....

Re: Help! Just been diagnosed with heel spurs(Ithink)

Steve G on 7/23/03 at 10:18 (125032)

Helena - read the heel pain book on this site. This will give you a detailed idea of the treatment options. I would be wary of too many shots. But read the book and reply if you have any questions.

Re: Help! Just been diagnosed with heel spurs(Ithink)

Ruth A on 8/08/03 at 19:50 (126613)

Hi Helene, i can relate to your heel pain ,i have Heel pain on both feet the right is the worst. i have to tell my docter it hurts to walk the pain gets unbearable like a sharp pain or my heel feels like i'm walking on pebbles did the shot help that the dr gave you ? when i shop i expect my feet to hurt but this is gettingdfrequent eveb if i just clean my heels are painful if i'm sitting at rest i can feel a pain at times well i hope the shots help you .......Ruthie