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Posted by john h on 7/23/03 at 11:31 (125040)

We had a MIG-15 (Korean war vintage Russian jet) crash on takeoff from Little Rock last week. As the aircraft lifted off on takeoff it lost power and the pilot sat it back down and went off the end of the runway. The pilot was not hurt but the aircraft was badly damaged. The pilot appeared to be around 60.. I did not know we still had some of these old Russian jets still flying. I think he was probably on the way to the Dayton Air Show.In the last year or so we have had a B-29, B-24 Liberator, B-17 land in Little Rock and we were able to go into the cockpit and look around. Actually I flew a few missions in the B-29 as we used them in the Air Force well into the 50's to do high altitude photo mapping of the world. They were not heated to speak of and at 40,000 ft you had to be dressed to handle 100 below on occasion.

Re: MIG-15

Steve G on 7/23/03 at 12:59 (125047)

I am surprised there are any MIGs still around. My dad was telling me recently that during the war in Korea you could often watch dogfights between the MIGs and the Americans. He and the other GIs would lay on their backs and bet packs of cigarettes on who would win a given fight. The American pilots usually came out on top. He also said that the MIGs had an different sound that made them easy to identify when they broke off from the fight and came back at it.

Re: PS John

Steve G on 7/23/03 at 13:07 (125050)

John - Have you ever read 'The Hunters' by James Salter - It's a novel about a group of pilots during the Korean was - great novel. You should check it out sometime when you get a chance

Re: PS John

john h on 7/23/03 at 15:31 (125057)

Yes I have read The Hunters.

Re: MIG-15

john h on 7/23/03 at 15:34 (125059)

The Mig 15 was much better in some respects than our opposing F-86's. It could turn tighter and I think was faster. Our aircraft had more armour to protect the pilot and our pilots were much superior and better trained. Today you may never see the plane you fire at. In those days you still needed good eyes and to keep your head on a swivel.

Re: MIG-15

Suzanne D on 7/23/03 at 22:36 (125108)

John, the Dayton Air Show must have drawn a large crowd last weekend. We had been to Buffalo, NY to viist a friend for a few days, then went from Buffalo to Indianapolis to attend my husband's family reunion Saturday. We were getting tired Friday evening and thought we'd stop at a motel around Dayton. (We didn't know about the air show.) After several 'no vacancies', we finally were told about the air show and that everything from Dayton to Indianapolis was filled for the night! We got to his mom's at midnight and were thankful to get out of the car!

As we were driving I thought about you after I heard about the air show. I knew you would be interested in it!

Suzanne :)

Re: MIG-15

BGCPed on 7/24/03 at 03:10 (125119)

John I have a question re airplanes. If you are ok with posting your email let me know. I also thik that one of the former head of chrysler has an old mig.

Re: MIG-15

john h on 7/24/03 at 10:53 (125137)

BG: My email is an open book considering all the spam I get. My address is '(email removed)'. I was at the Air Force Amrmament Musemum in Ft Walton Beach, Fl last summer and they had a Mig 15 among their collection. They also had a number of aircraft I flew over the years including the
F-94,F-89,B-25,C-47,B-52,UH-1 helicopter,Convair 440,O-2 (Cessna Push Pull Props, B-50,T-28,C-130,H-43 Helicopter. There were a number they did not have that I flew. Email me your address and I will direct you to shutterfly where I have a good group of aircraft photos from Vietnam including some downed aircraft in Laos and N.Vietnam.

Re: MIG-15

marie on 7/27/03 at 18:00 (125381)

We spent the last week in Saugatuck, MI...on vacation. It made my husband's day (last Tuesday) when a B17 and a B24 flew over the beach. They were pretty cool. I love the Dayton airshow.