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14 weeks post eswt...moderate arch pain

Posted by rekha.s on 7/23/03 at 12:04 (125042)

hello to all....I am happy to say that 14 weeks post eswt my heel pain is much better....I noticed in June I was almost pain free. however...the last week or two I started having arch pain in treated foot...Pod says it is plantar irritation..and has told me to start wearing my orthotics....

but arch pain is different from typical pf pain I have been fighting for 5 years now...not much morning pain.but pain progresses as day goes on....which is wierd...never had this kind of pain b4....

Does arch pain respond well to orthotics? can anything else be done?.....

Re: 14 weeks post eswt...moderate arch pain

Dorothy on 7/23/03 at 16:39 (125066)

Rehka: You posted about using light therapy also. What is your opinion of that so far??

Re: 14 weeks post eswt...moderate arch pain

Jean P. on 7/30/03 at 12:47 (125679)

Don't worry - I had the same thing. I had a great result with ESWT - I am pain free and it has been a year but I did have some arch pain that I did not have before. It went away - I think it might have been part of the healing process. I continue to wear my orthotics. I figure a bio-mechanical problem got me in this mess to begin with and I want to avoid stressing my feet again. I know it is a pain - I went shoe shopping yesterday and there are so many cute styles that I wont be able to wear again but it is worth it to be pain free. I did not need to do anything else to make the pain go away other than wear my orthotics.

Hope this helps,