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Posted by merci on 7/23/03 at 18:34 (125077)

I have looked at the various methods shown on the Net for taping the heel, and I have tried a couple of ways, one of which works really well for me. Although I am about to pick up some custom made orthotics next week - to insert in my running shoes - I feel that I am doing well with 'other' shoes, including Birkenstocks, when I tape the affected heel.

Do others out there have comments about the positive effects of taping?

Much appreciated!


Re: Taping

Sandra D on 7/25/03 at 22:43 (125260)

Merci, go to google.com and look at their taping. I have tried this only yesterday. I found out about this on this message board. Taping seems to burn my feet and makes the skin sore. But I will try anything to get rid of this pain. God's Bessings on you. I don't believe in luck.


Re: Taping

Dorothy on 7/26/03 at 01:58 (125264)

Sandra D. ~

I want to thank you for the suggestion regarding the search. I did a search under 'plantar fascitiis taping' on google and found several interesting sites. It has been a good exploration. Thanks again.

I found one that refers to the Wharton book on stretching. I have that book (I seem to have so many of the books mentioned because of previous back probs.) and plan to take a look at it for its info. on plantar fascitiis. It was a popular book a few years ago so perhaps other people here also have it - just passing on this reference/have not explored it further yet... still looking at Sarno and Egoscue, too!